The story that follows details my personal experience of reiki.  It is the reason that I have come to believe so very strongly that reiki healing is not compatible with the Christian faith.  My story though – whether you believe it or not – is not the important part of this blog.  The really important part is the sidebar with all the links to sites belonging to people far more articulate than me,  giving information about the Christian view on reiki.  Please do peruse the links and absorb the information in them.

Although I am a Catholic, I have included several links to sites belonging to members of other Christian denominations, as the belief that reiki is wrong is not exclusive to the Catholic faith.

When I married my husband,  his oldest sister (I will call her Ann here, although that is not her real name) lived abroad – somewhere very exotic – so I did not even meet her until our son was a baby and she returned to the U.K. after the break-up of her marriage. Unfortunately, during the whole of the time I knew her Ann’s health was never all that good, as a result of a disease she acquired when living in the aforementioned exotic place. In a quest to find answers to her health problems, she became very interested in alternative remedies and therapies. She was always on (what seemed to me to be) weird and wonderful diets. And her latest ‘thing’ was always the one that was definitely going to cure all her ills, once and for all!

In August 1999, while my husband and I were in Greece celebrating our silver wedding anniversary, our daughter also visited Greece for the first time. You may well have heard of the island she went to – Skyros – because its holistic, New Age-ish holidays in an idyllic setting on a small Greek island have been well publicised since they began in 1979.  By and large, our daughter had a good time there, despite most of the other people on the holiday being a good deal older than her. When she returned from her trip, she told us that she had been initiated into some weird kind of New Age healing therapy that we had never heard of at the time. By coincidence, shortly after our daughter’s trip, Ann also started to talk about this therapy with great enthusiasm – and was extremely surprised to find that our daughter had already become involved in it. Thus it was that we first came to hear about reiki – a therapy which, at that time, was not at all widely known.

Ann continued to be very enthusistic about reiki – and would sometimes use this therapy on various family members during get-togethers, although I myself was never offered it. We were all a bit puzzled by this strange procedure. All Ann did really was hold her hands over whichever part of the body needed healing, so it seemed pretty harmless. The recipients – my husband included – swore that the reiki treatment made the part of the body being treated (usually backs, shoulders. etc.) feel incredibly warm though.

In November 2001, when joining my gym for the first time, I discovered that my blood pressure was high and this sent me into a bit of a panic! As a result, my husband took me round to Ann’s for a bit of advice, as she was well known to be an expert on health matters. She put me on the blood group diet and swore that my BP would come down fairly quickly. She also gave me my first ever session of reiki. Unfortunately, neither the reiki or the diet (which I stuck to faithfully) had much effect on either my BP or my weight. All the diet did was upset my stomach really badly, probably because of all the soya included in it. After Christmas, I came off the diet altogether.

This was not the end of my problems by any means, because at the beginning of February 2002 I was diagnosed with cancer of the womb. The diagnosis was a shock to me, because I thought my extremely mild symptoms were just due to a return of a hormonal problem I had had in the early 90’s. As I had ignored these symptoms for a while (and cancelled my original hospital appointment in October to go away with my daughter and celebrate her 21st birthday with her at a health farm), I was at first convinced that the cancer must have spread: everything seemed very bleak and hopeless.

A reiki practitioner is said to often be able to pick up unknown health problems in the person they are treating, but Ann had never found any problem in my womb area. I have to say also that I personally never felt any warmth – or indeed, anything at all – during the sessions. Once I was diagnosed with cancer though, Ann tried to get us to agree to do a ‘Reiki 1’ course so that we would then all be able to give me reiki (she included my daughter in this, although she had already been initiated in Skyros, apparently just in case she had not been ‘done’ properly). To my great surprise, my husband agreed!

Now, at the time we really knew very little about the rights and wrongs of reiki, from a Christian/Catholic point of view. I knew that my husband, being from a very traditional Catholic family was a bit nervous of it, despite submitting to some mini therapy sessions at family gatherings! I, on the other hand, considered that I was this modern, forward -thinking Catholic who was not prejudiced about such things! I actually quite liked the idea of a coming-together of different cultures through this therapy. Ann – a Catholic herself, although sadly cut-off from receiving the sacraments as a result of her divorce – seemed to have no problem at all marrying the two. She told us that reiki is not itself a religion – and that there was a nun not too far from here who practised it (apparently true, although this was certainly not sanctioned by her fellow nuns). We were also told about a book which reported that the pope approved of reiki  – although all reference to this fact was eventually removed from the book in question!

Anyway, my husband agreed to Ann’s suggestion and we enrolled on a 2-day reiki course which took place in a house somewhere right out in the Sussex countryside. As I indicated before, I was surprised that my husband agreed – I think that he was really very unsure, but agreed to it for my sake. Remember, this was a very hard time for all of us because of my recent cancer diagnosis – and we were really very much rushed into this thing, without truly having time to think about it in great depth.

The day before the course started, I heard that my cancer did not appear to have spread – so I was in a very calm, happy mood on the day of the course. We spent the first morning just talking and getting to know the other people. Hubby asked lots of questions about the source of the  ‘power’ behind reiki – but wasn’t really happy about the vague answers he was given. Ann (by then training to be a reiki master herself) obviously had a vague idea about it coming fron God – although belief in God is definitely not a pre-requisite of doing the course. Anyone and everyone can become a reiki practioner!

I think we probably were most concerned when we learned that the course involved a set of four attunements during which the reiki master who was performing the ceremony traced symbols over our heads while we held our hands together as if in prayer. We were not shown these symbols, or allowed to know what they represented (although, if you google them, you will be able to see them on various sites). I myself was still on a high following my scan results of the day before and remained calm and peaceful, although my husband was very nervous and recited the prayers of the rosary throughout the attunements. I personally am very bad at saying the rosary, it is a very difficult prayer: I do believe though that it is a very powerful prayer for times of trouble and especially powerful against any kind of evil. (You may have heard of the rosary as a repetition of the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer, but in fact the main object of the rosary is to meditate on different events in the life of Christ whilst repeating the prescribed prayers. I am not very good at doing both things at once, which is why I find the rosary so hard).

Anyway, I cannot remember whether it was during the first or second attunement, but there we were all quietly lined up on our chairs awaiting our turn. My husband was not next to me, but when it was his turn I suddenly became aware of a big disturbance and heard him shout out “No, no.” I had no idea what was going on, but saw that he then sat down on a sofa while the rest of the people were dealt with. Afterwards, I went straight over to him and have honestly never seen him look so pale and awful. Later I found out that he had had a strange experience indeed during the attunement: he had seen a very, very vivid image of Christ on the cross. What he said was most notable about the image was the fact that he saw copious amounts of blood dripping down from Jesus’ body. He said it was a very horrible, powerful image of Christ’s terrible suffering.

Now, many people reading this will no doubt conclude that the image was conceived from my husband’s imagination as a result of his fear. No doubt the usual things about Catholic guilt and repression will come out. My view is that, although my husband was definitely nervous about what was happening, he is not somebody who would imagine himself seeing visions or similar things. I believe that he actually saw what he said and did not imagine it.

The reiki experts will actually tell you that having some kind of religious experience during the reiki initiation process is by no means at all unusual- and that such experiences are very varied and relate to the candidate’s own personal belief system. So, presumably a Hindu might see the elephant god and a Buddhist might perhaps see a few buddhas floating around! For a Christian though,  seeing that awful image of Christ with the blood dripping from him so copiously is really never going to endear a Christian to the practice of reiki. Surely it doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to see that? I say this because, sadly, my husband’s sister could never really understand this and it caused problems in their relationship until the time she died. But I am jumping ahead of myself.

You might find it hard to believe after what I have told you, but we actually continued the course to its end, even going back again for the second day. Frankly, I cannot really believe now that we did so! There were a number of things at play here: my husband was anxious not to scare my daughter and – to be honest – we really couldn’t take in what had happened. It was beyond our comprehension – especially coming so soon after my cancer diagnosis, when our minds were all at sixes and sevens anyway. My husband did try to ring up a couple of priests on the Sunday morning, before the second day of the course – but frankly the responses he got from them were pathetically uninformed! (One was more interested in the fact that he was missing his breakfast!) And so, we completed the course.

I have not mentioned the experiences of my daughter and myself during our own attunements. My daughter described having a very strong feeling of something happening to her – and the reiki master remarked that ‘something big’ was going on in her head. I think he believed that she was going to make a great healer. My reaction to my attunements was actually very interesting though: although I kept the great feeling of peace that was with me throughout the day, I decided to pray and – as an insurance policy I suppose, just in case reiki really was suspect in some way, I said the name of Jesus 3 times because I suddenly recalled that I had heard that this was very powerful against evil. Up to the point when I said ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus’ I had felt nothing at all, except for a continuation of my feeling of peace. I swear to you that I had no belief or expectation that the recitation of these words would have any effect at all, so I was really surprised when I became aware of a feeling of something coming to an abrupt halt in my head. It was actually one of the strangest things I have ever felt – because, how could something come to a halt when I had not been aware of anything happening in the first place? I remained peaceful and unworried though – and, in spite of my husband’s experience, I wanted to continue with the course. I had cancer, I wanted to be cured…… and the feeling of peace stayed with me.

So, we continued to the conclusion of the course and my husband had no further strange experiences during the remaining attunements. All three of us were fine, although one of the other girls (now training to be a reiki master herself, I believe) had to rush out to the loo at the end to be sick (again, apparently a very common occurrence). We were then invited to practice our new gift on each other. Everything was fine, although I really did not know what I was doing when I tried to practice reiki; I felt nothing! I somehow got the impression – through a look that passed between the reiki master and Ann – that he had a degree of doubt about whether I had been initiated properly. I have no real proof of that though.

In the week that followed, all three of us began to test out our new skills – even my husband, who very much scared a guy at work who ran out of the room when he felt the heat from my husband’s hands (the memory of this now quite amuses my husband – not least because this particular guy ended up in prison for swindling both their workplace and a few of his colleagues out of substantial amounts of money – but I digress!). Gradually though, the events of the weekend began to be absorbed and the doubts grew more and more, especially for my husband. At the time, he was attending an inter-denominational prayer group at work. My husband was the only Catholic there. The group was run by a lovely lady (who sadly died a year or so ago) and when my husband told her about the reiki, she was very dubious about it. She suggested that they all pray for a sign – and immediately every single person in the group started to experience an overwhelming feeling of nausea.

This proved to be the final straw for my husband – who immediately started to contact priests, monks, anybody he could find who might know something! As for me, I was by then not at all sure what to think, but I decided that I didn’t want the hassle of carrying on with something my husband was now so much against. ” And anyway,” I said to God, ” I want to do the right thing. I don’t even want to risk the possibility of doing something that might be against You.”

It is hard to describe the moment I made that decision to have nothing further to do with reiki. Somehow, I knew immediately – without doubt – that I had made the right decision. There weren’t exactly trumpets blowing and bells ringing and no mystical voice came from the sky to tell me that I have made the right choice – but all these things might just have well have happened to me! All I can say is that it was a moment that I will always remember – and one that left me absolutely certain that reiki is not compatible with Christian beliefs. If you believe that God never ‘speaks’ to us then you are wrong! He does – but in His own way!

My husband eventually managed to find a priest who knew a little about these matters (but only because he himself was involved with Spiritualism in his youth.) We visited his church and went through a ceremony which involved him placing his hands on each of our heads individually and praying over us. Interestingly, our daughter had a similar reaction to this as she had to the reiki, feeling that something big was happening in her head. She said that she did not want the priest to remove his hands from her head. Anyway, we believe that the ceremony removed all our new reiki powers (although the reiki people will tell you that reiki is for life and nothing can ever remove it.)

As I indicated earlier, my husband’s sister Ann was not at all happy about what had happened. I think really that she never forgave us for rejecting her beloved reiki and her subsequent relationship with my husband was always a little strained. As for Ann herself, she contracted breast cancer just a couple of years later and unfortunately she chose to refuse all conventionl treatment, opting for reiki and other alternative therapies. Sadly, none of these helped her and she died in August 2007.


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  2. […] question came up in my reply to an online article entitled Christianity and Reiki: Why The Two Are Incompatible. I received a reply to my comment from a woman named Daphney, who wrote the following in reply to […]

  3. Andrew says:

    IT is clearly stated in the bible that anything that is not derived from the one and only true God is evil and is an abomination. Reiki is demonic, evil, and satanic. It allows you to believe that you can harness energy (sorcery) and gives you the feeling of control over an unseen “force.” It also is a bridge to other occults and lures you in by tricking you into thinking it is simply harmless and its apart of God’s will. Do not allow yourself to be fooled, and for the sake of your soul denounce this evil, and pray for Jesus’s guidance.

  4. Cats says:

    I have read most of the comments on this blog, and as a Christian with a relationship with my Father, my Jesus and the Holy Spirit, can assure you one thing. Reiki is not part of God’s Will for our lives. As a blogger mentioned Jesus is the only Healer, and Yes – He is…. Reiki is an alternative form of healing – an alternative to God’s power and … this already tells me it is wrong!

    From the story above, and from people here at work who practice Reiki, it is easy to see which of those “believe” in God and which actually have a relationship and live according to His will (or at least try and live according to His will ). Big difference. Plenty of un-godly folk amongst us!

    the Holy Spirit is our “sychi” guide – It sends out messages telling us what is right, wrong and dangerous, and if you ever feel doubt, know that it is the Holy Spirit within you talking to you.

    To God be the power forever and ever, Amen

  5. Truth in Reality says:

    Warlock Asylum, It is preposterous to propose to speak for God as you seem to have done here. It is not up to you to decide that there is nothing wrong with reiki when God has already spoken about this kind of thing a long time ago.

    Reiki does not follow Christian principles. If you knew about Christianity in any depth at all, you wouldn’t suggest that it does. The Bible says clearly there is NO OTHER NAME by which men may be saved but the name of JESUS and it is unarguable that ‘reiki’ is a name. What is more ‘reiki’ is the invention of a Buddhist. Buddha is dead. Jesus lives. Buddha was not the messiah and never even claimed to be, but Jesus is.

    it doesn’t matter what any of us human beings think and feel, it is about what God has said, He made it all and he has already spoken. It is the God of the Bible who decides and He has said that anything based on hinduism or buddhism is worshipping false Gods and is idolatry, and is an abomination, and so it is. You can chose to believe differently, but that doesn’t change the facts, as it is simply your own opinion, which bears little relation to the truth of the matter.

    “Living in the divine mind… fear does not dwell in divine mind and is therefore not a part of God’s plan” is New Age/Buddhist type blurb which doesn’t really have anything to do with the truth as God sees it according to the Bible which is believed to be the word of God by about one-third of the world’s population including MANY very highly educated people.

    The world is full of people who believe all sorts of stuff but obviously they can’t all be right.

    You can’t decide there is no difference between worshipping the God of the Bible and a piece of stone. That’s not up to you or any other human being to decide. That is up to God to decide and to propose that you can answer for God is arrogance in such an extreme form, it is quite scary.

    If you claim to be aligned with truth, peace and love, etc. then why on earth have you given yourself a name like “Warlock Asylum?”

    • Warlock Asylum says:

      @Truth in Reality….

      Matthew 7:1
      “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.
      2 For in the same way as you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
      3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
      4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?
      5 You hypocrite! First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

      First you have to learn that “God” and the Creator are two diferent things:

      Secondly, there aree a lot of people who “believe” in different things and there is enough room for all these beliefs for they exist only in the imagination. One day a person is a Christian because he chooses to imitate the dress and words of a Christian. The same with other religions. But, one’s true form of spirituality is how they lead their lives. regardless of their religion, many demoninations and various so-called religions are all the same because the people involved in them are all part of “world thought.”

      Thirdly, the quote which I made earlier that you commented on, “Living in the divine mind… fear does not dwell in divine mind and is therefore not a part of God’s plan,” comes from a Christian woman, Florence Scovel Schinn.

      Reiki is a philosophy, not a name and the five principles of Reiki, if they are not Christian as you say, then Chrisitainity is no longet Christian. here are a lists of its principles:

      “The secret art of inviting happiness,
      The miraculous medicine for all diseases.

      At least for today:
      Do not be angry,
      Do not worry,
      Be grateful,
      Work with diligence,
      Be kind to people.
      Every morning and evening, join your hands in meditation and pray with your heart.
      State in your mind and chant with your mouth.

      For improvement of mind and body.”


  6. Kathie says:

    I went through something similar with spring forest Qi xioung(pronounced chi gong). I learned it because i wanted to add modality to my massage practice and a master “healer” raved about it. I dont practice and God used my experience to bring me closer to him. I am not born again christian. She actually used it on my snake when it was about to die and she is now alive.
    My first class i astral projected
    (Could feel myself float out my body) and was intermingling with some spirits. I felt relaxed. Then i had horrible anxiety afterwards. I started to read Master Lin’s book “born a healer” and he talked about religion. He made a statement that urked me. He said he read a book about jesus, one on buddha, and I can’t remember the third. He made a generalized statement saying they all point to the same thing. Which is not true. Maybe some aspects. But nothing offer us salvation from eternal death like Jesus. Only Jesus can do that and we have to deny ourselves and take up the cross. I did a meditation CD as part of my homework. During the meditation I saw a mans face and i mentally told it,”i will only talk to Jesus.” After that I astral projected and was talking to a person but couldn’t remember the conversation and couldn’t see a person. This happened to me before when I saw an Alchemist/spiritual healer (thats a while other story in itself) I then didn’t know what I was getting myself into. When my body recognized my spirit wasn’t there my fight-or-flight went off and i felt my spirit jump back in. I was frightened and had horrible anxiety afterwards. I contacted a friend I did bible study with and she looked it up. She told me that she strongly thinks that I am playing with fire. She told her pastor. He said she would pray for God to guide me and give me an answer. She sent me information that qi gong is an mystical occult practice that causes people to astrally project as a form of “enlightenment”. I went to my second class and the instructor said you have to use a password. And that was to call the energy of forgiveness and love from whatever you worship. I knew that was weird and it felt wrong. She knew from the look on my face that I was conflicted. She said “it’s not blasphemy!” Just call upon jesus or god. So I did but added prayer to it and asked god to protect me and to nit let me astral project. She kept talking about how qi gong is a lifestyle and you need to meditate daily. It increases you positive energy. Which i could feel from her(only later i can decipher it was fake/demonic)I left class with horrible anxiety. I felt detached from everything. I had (pulsing)sensations on the right side of my head. The next morning I woke up and saw a ghoulish little girl ghost staring at me next to my side of the bed. I did a double take and she was still there. I said jesus. And she left. I knew my answer then that i needed to stop. I told my bible study friend and she told her pastor what happened. I asked them to pray for me. Before bedtime I prayed to God to heal me and to undo what qi gong and what things other practitioners did to me. I woke up from a nightmare where a low voice was causing a big vibration on the entire right side of my head. I was crying”make it stop!” I prayed. My head and even the inside of my right ear felt like I was electrocuted(like when you put your lips in a microphone while touching guitar strings and the amp isnt grounded). I had one more class left and I did not finish. I ceased everything affiliated with new age. I quit my yoga exercise because i would see things and feel my spirit drift from my body at the dead body pose at the end of class. I stop seeing and consulting healers. I went to church and started bawling. I felt God holding me and felt the right kind of healing. The holy healing. A christian friend told me the tears were Jesus tears telling me to stop hurting myself. So true.

    • Kathie says:

      Here are bible scriptures that are true and convicted me. Many “healers” like to misuse scripture to convince christians that what they do it ok. We will be called narrow minded and judgemental or that we are generalizing but, the truth is in the bible. Stay strong!
      I know it because I was on the occult side none of those gifts are not gifts from God. Healing from the Lord ended after Peter and apostles.
      Deut 18:10-13
      Leviticus 20:6,27

      Deuteronomy 18:9-14 — Every aspect of the occult is here itemized and forbidden as an “abomination.” Specifically forbidden are: one who practices “witchcraft” (NKJV; “divination” — ASV; KJV) or a “sorcerer” (NKJV and ASV; “witch” — KJV), or a “spiritist” (NKJV; “wizard” — ASV, KJV).
      Leviticus 19:31 — Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits (“wizards” — ASV, KJV); do not seek after them, to be defiled by them (NKJV).
      Leviticus 20:6 — And the person who turns after mediums and familiar spirits (“wizards” — ASV, KJV), to prostitute himself with them, I will set My face against that person and cut him off from his people. (NKJV)
      Leviticus 20:27 — A man or a woman who is a medium, or who has a familiar spirit (“wizard” — ASV, KJV), shall surely be put to death (NKJV).
      Revelation 21:8 — But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.
      Revelation 22:15 — But outside [heaven] are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie.
      Acts 13:8-10 — Elymas the sorcerer tried to keep Sergius Paulus from accepting the gospel. Paul rebuked him saying: “O full of all deceit and all fraud, you son of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, will you not cease perverting the straight ways of the Lord?”
      Note that the Bible does not distinguish whether the witchcraft is intended to achieve a beneficial goal or a harmful one. It is all inherently wrong because it is an appeal to a forbidden source of power.
      [2 Chron. 33:6; 2 Kings 9:22; Ex. 22:18; 1 Sam. 15:23; Mic. 5:12; Nahum 3:4; Jer. 27:9; Mal. 3:5; Isa. 2:6; 2 Kings. 21:6; 23:24; Isa. 19:3]
      Specific powers of witchcraft and sorcery are named and condemned.
      Exodus 7:11,22; 8:7 — Using their “enchantments,” Pharaoh’s magicians tried to duplicate the miracles done by Moses and Aaron. “Enchantments” refer to the ceremonies or rituals sorcerers and magicians use to accomplish their ends: incantations, spells, magic words (“hocus-pocus”), wearing of charms (amulets), etc.
      As the witchcraft website says: “Spells are used by Wiccans, and are a series of rituals and prayers that are conducted in witchcraft to ask for divine help in a certain aspect of life.” But God forbids them all.
      Deuteronomy 18:10 also mentions these “enchantments” as part of that which is forbidden (“enchanters” — ASV, KJV).
      Isaiah 8:19,20 – When they say to you, “Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter,” should not a people seek their God? … To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
      “Whisper and mutter” refers to the incantations and spells of magicians. These words are supposed to give the user power to induce the spirit beings to accomplish the desired result. If you know the words, you can lead the spirit to do your bidding.
      Note that God’s objection is that such practices are a failure to seek after the true God.
      Galatians 5:20,21 — Those who will not inherit the kingdom of God include those who practice “sorcery” (“witchcraft” — KJV). This includes the occult in general, but refers especially to the use of drugs and potions brewed by witches in their cauldrons, etc. (Movies and books often refer to the witches’ books of spells and recipes for potions, etc. “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…”)
      God condemns, not only the whole practice of the occult, but also the specific methods, rituals, and mumbo-jumbo words used.
      [Lev. 19:26; 2 Kings 17:17; Isa. 47:9,12; Jer. 27:9; 2 Kings 21:6; 2 Chron. 33:6; Isa. 3:20; Rev. 9:21]
      Witches and sorcerers cannot duplicate the powers and miracles God did through inspired men.
      The Bible often warns us to avoid being deceived by lying wonders [2 Thess. 2:9; Matt. 24:24; Deut. 13:1-5]. Many Bible events involved confrontations between those who did true miracles from God and those who practiced forms of sorcery or magic.
      Exodus 7-9; read 8:18,19 — Pharaoh’s magicians and sorcerers tried to duplicate the signs and plagues God caused through Moses and Aaron (7:11,22; 8:7,8,18; 9:11). For a while they seemed to succeed, but soon they failed and admitted Moses had the power of God.
      Daniel 1:20 — In all matters of wisdom and understanding the king found Daniel and his friends ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers.
      Daniel 2:1-13,27,28 — None of the magicians in Babylon could tell the king his dream and interpret it. But by the power of God, Daniel could both state and interpret the dream accurately [cf. 4:7,9]. Later he likewise interpreted the handwriting on the wall that predicted the downfall of Belshazzar (5:7,11). [Cf. Gen. 41:8,24]
      Acts 8:9-13 — When Simon used sorcery to amaze the Samaritans, they believed he had great power from God. But when Philip preached Jesus and did true miracles by the power of God, both the people and Simon himself believed and were converted [cf. vv 5-7].
      Acts 13:6-11 — Elymas the sorcerer was powerless to resist the superior power God worked through Paul.
      I do not know whether the power of sorcerers can be explained through trickery, which pretends supernatural power but can really be explained naturally, or whether Satan really does possess some supernatural power. But what is sure is that Satan can never duplicate God’s true miracles. By comparing sorcery to the miracles of the Bible, we have proof witchcraft is inferior, so we should not put our faith in it.
      Witchcraft, magic, etc., are the occult substitutes for Bible miracles. Where God has done miracles for His people, believers in the occult seek supernatural works by means of spells, incantations, etc. that appeal to other spirit powers.
      As stated on the witchcraft website:
      Wicca also worships both a male and female deity, a female Goddess and a male God, who had together created the world and everything in it. … Spells are used by Wiccans, and are a series of rituals and prayers that are conducted in witchcraft to ask for divine help in a certain aspect of life.
      While many in the occult may not think they are appealing to gods, nevertheless God forbids all such because it is an appeal to supernatural powers other than His. God will never allow His people to follow that which counterfeits His true works.
      [Isaiah 47:9,12-14; 1 Kings 18; Acts 16:16; 19:13ff]
      II. Attempts to Obtain Supernatural Knowledge
      A different form of witchcraft and sorcery is “divination” or “soothsaying.” This involves supernatural methods used to seek information that cannot be obtained by natural processes of study and investigation. Especially, it seeks to foretell the future.
      Just as magic is the occult substitute for God’s miracles, so divination is the occult substitute for God’s prophecy.

  7. […] question came up in my reply to an online article entitled Christianity and Reiki: Why The Two Are Incompatible. I received a reply to my comment from a woman named Daphney, who wrote the following in reply to […]

  8. Warlock Asylum says:

    I was very surprised to read so many negative comments about Reiki and the like. It’s truly unfortunate and a bit narrow-minded in my humble opinion. First, Jesus is quoted in the Bible as saying that “his followers would do greater works than he did.” still I can’t find any of Jesus followers claiming such.

    Secondly, the Church is a man-made institution. Reiki has had the responsibility of its shoulders for killing millions of people, yet this exists in the Church’s history, but the followers of such are the first to associate anything not using church imagery as deriving from Satan himself. It’s really sad.

    Thirdly, “god” and the creator are two different things. The Creator rested on the 7th day and “god” took over, a representative of that force. There are several articles published showing that Reiki is indeed useful in body mechanics. The only problem with Reiki is that it is free of religion, so religion seeks to condemn what is not like it, showing that religion is from a man-made source. Reiki cannot be controlled and because of such, deflates the nNew Age econmy, and due to such, some prominent New Agers condemn it, as their business is fading because of it. Reiki is about love and light, something that many here aren’t aware of.

    Stay blessed.

  9. oneintercessor says:

    Thank you for this post. I was just looking up some general reiki information and find it very disturbing the way the so-called Christian reiki crowd talks of it as a way to be a healer like Christ. God Almighty had supernatural gifts–people cannot use this and be like Christ or closer to being like Christ if it is not clearly and expressly a gift given only to His children. The nebulous place the ‘power’ comes from means it is not from God, else He would make it clear and only those in Christ (John 3:3) would have the power. That is enough of a red flag for me. This post-modern age is wrought with eastern mysticism infiltrating the church, and it is dangerous.
    1 John 4:1-3 says: 4 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world.
    God bless,

    • seekeruk says:

      Thank you for your post, Ann.

    • Roberta says:

      Thank you so much! My cancer center has recently allowed a woman to come in and do Reiki on patients as they are receiving chemotherapy. When she introduced herself, I had not heard of it. Fortunately the Holy Spirit gave me the questions to ask her that drew out enough of what she was really doing that I knew to refuse. Afterward I did research and found this site. Sadly this practice is gaining a foothold in my facility. She wears a scrub shirt and has a brochure for her company Healing Energies so she might seem legitmate to unsuspecting people. I’m glad I am there receiving therapy as I can be Christ’s soldier to use as He will.

      • oneintercessor says:

        God bless you and I hope you are well soon. Keep up the good fight!

      • Daphney says:

        Praise God for your wisdom and discernment! My friend went to see her doctor regarding a health issue and she was referred to a reiki healer. She chose not and was told that if she didn’t accept reiki, then she couldn’t continue attending the clinic. That’s sad and shocking :(:(:(

  10. Andy Cook says:

    I fully respect any and everyone’s belief systems and understand that ‘God’ needs no assistance to heal (as stated in the comments) however I ask how many people use pain killers to assist God in his work, or the use of a surgeon to remove a tumor as part of Gods healing plan? Reiki is another ‘method’, that is all. Namaste.

    • seekeruk says:

      It is true that sometimes we cannot sit back and rely solely on a miracle to make us better…. we need to take drugs etc. to try to assist us in getting over our health problems. From the very beginning, God gave us herbs etc to help heal us and man has taken those much further and developed far more sophisticated medicines. As far as reiki goes however, my belief is that it is something entirely different to drugs/medicines, because it calls on some hidden power – the origin of which has never been identified, although you pro-reiki folk like to proclaim that it is from God – to do the healing. Moreover, I believe that dabbling in reiki opens the recipient up to the spirit world with its inherent dangers. Although medicinal drugs often have their own dangers and side effects, I think I would rather suffer those than risk opening myself up to malevolent spirits.

      If reiki is truly from God – and if Jesus wanted us to practice it – why didn’t He just tell us all to do so? He gave his disciples the authority to cast out demons and heal, but through the power of Him and his Father – most definitely not through reiki!

      • Cleonassis says:

        I fully agree. Medical doctors do not call spirits, make normally no false promises. They use their human skills and do not pretend to be something they are not, they are not perfect but try their best
        as human beings knowing that they are limited and leave the rest to God. I believe that is how it is meant to be. People with the God given gift to heal also do not call or rely on Symbols or spirits, they
        pray in Jesus name and leave the healing to God. Everything else can cause trouble for the patient
        and s not clean. We also have to accept that sometimes an illness is meant to be there, may be for the better of the soul of the person. Who are we to interfere.

      • Cleonassis says:

        I believe many people practising Reiki or other new age methods start of with the best intentions .But also good intentions can be misleading into the temptation to “play God”

      • Daphney says:

        I couldn’t agree more!

  11. Espirito says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience! Thank you for investing your time in maintaining this site. It is very helpful for Christians to become more informed on the topic. I had no idea reiki had gotten so “popular.” I agree with your conclusion. It does not bring honor and glory to the Savior of all mankind. It brings glory to man. And there are far too many testimonies that reiki practitioners ended up with demonic problems (desired or undesired). The demonic is happy to hide itself from those who would be offended by its presence. The Bible is free and open to all. Jesus is free and open to all. Reiki is secret and you have to pay to get into the secret circle…or to download an electronic copy of the manual. From reiki class outline: “Reiki II Symbols – Show for memorization only, sacred, keep them secret, explain test.” This is the oldest trick in the book…”I have a secret, do what I want, and I’ll let you know the secret.” God does NOT operate this way. His story is open and free to all. Blessings and protection on you. Be of great courage and stay the course, enjoying Jesus as your very great reward!

    • Daphney says:

      I apologise I haven’t visited the page for some time. Today I was reading all the comments and one person had written:

      “I am meant to assist him (God) in healing. And reg the comment that healing is only “through him”, I am made in his image, so through me is through him! I am not making small of anyone’s experience here, all I am asking is – REIKI is not evil, Reiki is a Method, the kind of energy you use might differ. But even then, Reiki used properly will never ever work with negative energy!”

      The only thing I agree with this comment is that Reiki is a method and it’s an energy… problem is (from my own personal experience) it’s not from God! Does need need any assistants? Of course not! Today (Resurrection Sunday) I was listening to a teaching on the Christian channel and the preacher said something along this line “God is omnipotent; He does not need man to help Him. He’s capable of doing EVERYTHING by Himself!” Interesting that I come to this page and saw that comment today!

      The other comment I’d like to say is that l too used to think I was using Reiki “properly”, but as I shared in my testimony on this page before, despite following ALL the rules, it opened me up to a hellish experience that I would never wish on my worst enemy (if I had any!). The other huge problem is that when we use it on other people (think of the children!), we’re opening them up to demonic influences.

      Also, one experience I didn’t share before. Shortly after my deliverance and I began to really grow in my faith in Jesus, I had a strange encounter. On my way home from a Holy Spirit weekend with my local church group I met an old friend and her new partner. (My friend didn’t know it then but found out several months later that he was a satanist and was heavily possessed by many demons). My friend later told me that after I left them that day he made a strange comment to her that “Once she (referring to me) was one of US but now she belongs to the other side”. You see, even the devil knows when we’re walking in the True Light!

      May the Lord and the Holy Spirit enlighten the hearts of every person that visits this page and expose the TRUTH to those that seek to find it.

      • Daphney says:

        Correction: I meant to say “Does GOD need any assistants? Of course not!

      • Cleonassis says:

        Hi Daphney.
        you mentioned a very good point.Giving Reiki is openeing up the spiritual channels of innocent people,who dont know what is happening and the consequences.To open the spiritual channels of somebody else who does not know about it is like spiritual rape.
        That is why Craniosakral therapy, very popular to be done on babies, for me is a crime, because it also does it.

    • Andy Cook says:

      Erm… I had to buy the Bible last time I looked, and the symbols are freely view-able online these days. There is nothing ‘secret’ about them.

      Reiki does not and never has brought glory to man. If this belief is being passed around then the believer is simply wrong. Reiki brings glory to God and his Creation. The original system used by Mikao Usui did not use symbols at all. They were developed later by him and Dr Hayashi as a method of introducing students to the various Reiki energies in a speedier. Originally it would take weeks or months to acquire the state of mind and spiritual maturity to ‘tune’ in. The symbols helped speed this up so that more practitioners could carry out healing work during natural disasters that occurred around that time.

      From personal experience (I am a Reiki Master) I would state it is not uncommon for the symbols to be discarded by a competent practitioner after a while as they realise they are simply a focusing aid used to attain the correct meditative (or prayerful) state of mind. It’s a bit like praying to Jesus, Mary or another Saint depending on your needs or desires at the time. Each symbol has it’s specific use, each Christian subject of prayer has it’s own qualities.

      Namaste. 🙂

  12. seekeruk says:

    As I have said on here previously, I do not intend to keep responding to people who believe that reiki is wonderful and from God. If you are absolutely certain that is the case than fair enough, I respect your views completely – but we will have to agree to differ on this matter. There is nothing to be gained by going over the same points again and again………

    I made this website because I wanted to help Christians who are thinking of getting involved in reiki to make an informed choice. There are plently of the reiki-is-wonderful-and-fine-for-Christians-to-do websites out there, but very few which give the alternative view. I do not visit the pro-reiki sites to tell them how wrong they are and frankly I cannot see why the pro-reiki folks are so keen to come here and try to change my mind. I am just one very small voice crying out in the wilderness and I cannot understand why these people are bothered about me.

    I am very grateful that there have been a few supporting voices here recently. I would love it if some church officials who really know a lot about all this would call in here sometimes too….. but if we have to struggle on alone here then – with God’s help – we will do so.

    • Stuart says:

      I wanted to give you some further encouragement. I just heard about this (Reiki) today and have already learned that it is a big deception from Satan to try and open us up to demonic possession and oppression. One of the things that I read on a site that states is called “Reiki for Christians” is about where they stand on John 14:12 which states “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” This is what every single false teaching out there tries to do, take biblical verses out of context. If you continue reading verses 13-14 it says “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” It doesn’t say that you are going to do greater things through yourself or through spirit guides or anything else, it says in “MY NAME”, that is why most of us as Christians finish our prayers with “In Jesus’ name”, because it is all Christ, not in us or any other source out there. There is true Christian healing, I have seen it, I have done it, but it is by praying to Jesus and in His name and giving God the glory, not through secret attunements and symbols and spirit guides.
      Thank you for sharing your story with the world!
      God Bless,

  13. Alexandra Helbig-Human says:

    Tell your father,
    that we all are created by God and dependend on God.We are nothing without him .Beautyfull to read Hiob.
    All human beings are sinners and we can not set us free ourself, as much as we try and what method or way we choose.
    For this reason Jesus came and died for us.He showed us how God wants us to be and how we are forgiven.
    Not every idea of other religions is wrong but there is only one not miss leading way.
    Even the so called enlightenment via a long and dangerous Yogi path, where you get attact by daemons, only live a selfish life to pure yourself and try to be the master of your destiny leads finally to the highest level, serving in charity
    for others.Not that i tried it but i read a very old book about it.Following Jesus gives peace and love and salvation.

  14. Alexandra Helbig-Human says:

    Hi Ian,
    pray to Jesus, that he might open his mind and heart to the truth.If you know a priest or pastor ask him to pray with you or any person with a strong believe.
    Ask your father to read the testimonies here or search himself for dangers of Reiki&Co in the net, there is plenty.
    You will also find all warnings in the bible,old and new testament.
    To get involved in these things can have a life long aftereffect, physicaly and mentally..and only GOD andThe Lord Jesus can set you free from it again.
    All the best,

  15. Ian Lau says:

    Hi, I came across your blog because I was looking for writings on the Christian response to Longevitology. That was where the trail kinda forks out to Reiki and Longevitology. I’m wondering if they are one and the same. My dad somehow got involved in this and I’m trying to show him that energy channelling of any kind is unbibilcal. I’m afraid that he, being just recently became a Christian after 70 years of Taoism, may fall prey to occult practices. How can I show him the light?

  16. Daphney says:

    Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! Amen, prayer IS powerful! Carol, I love your openness of heart to hear from God and find out the truth. God truly satisfies those who seek the Truth and He gives us the desires of our hearts:) I also agree with Alex 🙂

    Jesus has given us 2 very powerful promises to help us in our faith when praying for anything.
    John 14:13 “Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” It is the heart of the Father to heal the sick and all we need to do is pray in the Name of Jesus. It’s that simple!
    When I pray for/with someone, I always ask them to agree with me… and very often I get them to pray and I agree with them! For Jesus said in Matthew 18:19 “Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.”

    God bless you. May the Lord manifest His power through you and use you mightily to demonstrate His love and compassion to others.
    A very blessed Christmas & New Year to you all.

  17. Carol says:

    Thank you so much for your reply, Alex! This really resonated with me: “The moment you interfere in an energetic way with the system of someone else you interfere in Gods plan and play with the devil.It is better to pray for somebody.” That is exactly what I needed to hear!!! I never thought of it in that way. Really, I can be just as close to God through quiet time and prayer. It is also much better for the person who I want to help because I am allowing God to do the work that person actually needs. Who the heck am I to think I know what is best for another person? It is best just to leave it to God. Prayer is so powerful! I am so thankful I never got farther into this and came across this blog instead. Again, thank you so much for your kind replies! You have really helped open my eyes to the TRUTH. May God bless you, and Merry Christmas!

    • Heike says:

      How is channeling gods Light and love “interfering in an energetic way? “. Its not the practicioners energy, neither can he create it, he is simply the vessel for divine love and light in order for the healing (which can ONLY come from god) to take place.
      It is just a different way of “allowing/helping” god to do the work the person needs. It is still up to god, always was and always will be.
      Jesus used to lay on hands and healed a huge number of people, the basic idea is the same, he works through them, just that a human being is physically doing the “ground work”.
      It says in the bible that people should go out and heal! Markus 16:15.
      There is sooo much judgement going on on this blog and most of it based on 2 peoples experience.
      A true informed opinion can only be formed when you have looked at both sides first and THEN made a decision! Try

      • Cleonassis says:

        I found out month ago, and i am not the only one, that the webside is a fake, .Reiki is extremly occult, believe or not there are plenty testimonies even from former reiki masters.I tried to leeave a testemony on your funny webside month ago, it was not possible, you only print possitive, missguiding info about reiki on isnt this stange?? Everybody can make up his own mind!!!!

      • Heike says:

        I am not worried about any website being fake or not, all I am saying is that I am working with Reiki for many years, with the most beautiful, pure and angelic energy with amazing results due to Gods grace. Does the devil hold power – sure, but I do believe that Gods power is WAY greater. I will not stop volunteering to be a vessel for his healing only because of FEAR of the devil. My faith is bigger than my Fear, and I firmly believe that I am ment to assist him in healing. And reg the comment that healing is only “through him”, I am made in his image, so through me is through him! I am not making small of anyones experience here, all I am asking is – REIKI is not evil, Reiki is a Method, the kind of energy you use might differ. But even then, Reiki used properly will never ever work with negative energy! Please dont judge – for I am not judging you! I worked with abused and abandoned children with it and it helped getting smiles on their faces and slowly move on. Should I have not attempted it for the devil is out there? These children ended up where they are because of him – who am I to deny them Gods love and healing if I can help channel it?
        SO at the end of the day! We all have different ways of doing gods work, and they are all important!
        Laying on of hands has always been around! And calling upon the angels for healing and protection has been too! The technique is different, the source is the same!

      • James says:

        I have to say this is the most convincing argument on this entire site. Reiki comes from God. Rei is the Japanese word for God, and Ki is the Japanese word for energy. God energy; how can the be bad?

      • James says:

        I meant Heike’s comment btw

      • seekeruk says:

        How can you be sure where the energy comes from? It is not true that God alone can heal, the devil can do all kind of things to trick us into believing that what he wants us to do is good. “The devil will try to mislead you and will show himself as being the truth. 2 Cor 11:14-15”

        I do not think that anybody here is being judgemental in any way. As I personally have said here before, how could I not understand the draw of reiki as I have been tempted into it myself and a member of my family became a reiki master. What right do I have to judge? I do have a right though to tell my own story, as I have done here. Sadly, we all so often believe what we want to believe. All I can say is that I assure you that if you had had my family’s experiences yourself, you might well have come to feel differently about reiki – just as we did.

        I agree with your statement that we have been told to go out and heal; this is so often a neglected area of Christianty in our modern world (I suggest you read one of the books about healing by Francis MacNutt who is in heartfelt agreement with this belief). I believe passionately that Jesus still heals today when people pray for somebody to be healed through him …. but the words ‘through him’ are all important. True healing can only be done in his name. Jesus has no part in reiki healing, even if some of you want to believe that he does because you cannot let go of your beliefs that reiki is good.

        All I ask those of you who are reiki-practising Christians is to pray – with an open mind and in a spirit of sincerity – to know the truth. If you do this, God will not let you down.

      • James says:

        @seeruk, we, as reiki practitioners, know that reiki comes only from the light. This is through belief and meditation. How do you know God really exists? You BELIEVE He exists.

        I have a question for you; hypnotherapy: looking inside our own minds or answers. Is this against God? Is this a trick from Satan?

      • Cleonassis says:

        Hi Seekeruk, dont let you be provoked from pro reiki people.Why are they so interested in giving their comments on this side??Why are they so persistend??There are plenty pro reiki sides and everybody can choose,so what is the intension??
        Every believing christian, no matter if catholic or protestant should know in the meantime what reiki is about and many other new age so called therapies also.By the way, James, if you dont know that a therapist can transfere energy, his own or some spiritual working through him, good and EVIL than you dont konw much about physical work, every Physiotherapist or Massage therapist knows this from experience.And praying does not turn a evil energy into a good one.

      • seekeruk says:

        Thanks very much, Cleonassis. I very much appreciate comments in support of my view, as there are so many here who do not agree with us!

  18. Alexandra Helbig-Human says:

    Hi Carol,
    as a matter of interest i counted the testimonies about Reiki and other new age practices, they are ail occult.I counted 204 testimonies of people like you and me.They all got involved, searching for answers, searching for God, wanting to do good things like healing or spreading love.Many of them were on their journey for years.They all got negative affected after a while.If they were lucky only fear and depression but some ended up with psychosis or schizophrenia.,Link only in Germany!
    Stay away from all these things, believe me being in Madhouse is no fun
    and being on psycho drugs also not, but this can be the price.
    God guide you!!

    • that is because the human body and mind must be able to cope with the energy increasing all three must work in total harmony if not you may go insane weaker or dumber… knowing this is the reason y I meditate. train, ponder on thoughts and open my mind to possibility’s. god repays those who use their talents to make more talents. and shuns those who hide them.

  19. Carol says:

    A couple honest questions here… I definitely respect your blog and I am grateful for coming across it! I have had my own experience with Reiki, Archangel cards, healing stones and such, and I am looking for answers. Jesus is the only thing that matters to me. I don’t want to do ANYTHING that goes against God’s Word. I am just facing some major questions in regards to my beliefs that have definitely shaken me up… All I am trying to do is figure them out.

    I have not had an attunement, but know a little about Reiki and I know many who are “healers.” From my small understanding, Reiki healers are to eliminate their Ego. There should be no hierarchy or label. If one is truly acting as the vessel for God’s Light to flow through, then technically, it is not them that is doing the healing- it’s God Himself. Therefore, no one practitioner should ever take credit for healing another, because it was not them who did the healing, it was God.

    The problem for me, however, is that anyone can be a Reiki practitioner. So that means that anyone could be calling on anything to do a “healing.” The most frightening scenario to me is someone calling on those that are not of God…

    I guess what I’m trying to get at then is this… What are your thoughts about intention? The biggest question I have been faced with lately is; If the intent is to spread God’s love and light, then what is the problem? If I am truly asking on the Holy Spirit to flow through me (the vessel) to heal another person, is that wrong? In regards to Archangel cards, if I am truly asking for any message from God that is for the good of my own spiritual journey (not asking about fortune telling, etc.), is that okay? If I meditate and ask Jesus to be present to comfort me and to heal me, is that wrong? If my honest and true intention is to ask God to be present with me, to cast away any evil from being present, and help me or another person, is that wrong?

    I am not in any way challenging anyone’s beliefs. I just have these questions. Because, for the short time that I have been exposed to these things like meditation and Reiki, I can’t deny that I have felt closer to God. When I meditate, I feel very close to Him and I love that so much. It’s like I have opened my eyes and can really feel his presence. I feel in harmony with the world around me and notice God’s miracles more and more everyday. But when I read about other Christian’s views on Reiki and cards and such, I question myself. Have I been tricked by Satan? Have I fallen off the path? These questions scare me to death, and if I find it is true, I would gladly drop all thoughts of Reiki, cards, meditation, etc. because I am a child of God. And if He forbids it, than I will stay away.

    I just don’t want to lose the sense of closeness and harmony that I have felt through meditation and connecting to His Light, because isn’t that what life is about? Being more like Jesus? Spreading God’s love? But, if it’s wrong…it’s wrong and I WILL stop. All I’m doing now is just trying to find different opinions so that I can come up with my own answers….

    • Alexandra Helbig-Human says:

      Please let it be and read my comment, just before yours.
      The moment you open up for these things you are in big danger to be used by evil spirits, even if your intention is good.
      There are also warnings in the bible and i did not know at the time that these things are severe danger, i also was full of good intention and got badly damaged.
      The moment you interfere in an energetic way with the system of someone else you interfere in Gods plan and play with the devil.It is better to pray for somebody.The few healers, send by God dont use Reiki or things like this.Read also the link of the story of an ex reiki master on this page.

    • Heike says:

      Dear Carol, I hear you and lots of this information is very confusing and extremely judgemental. Only being partial informed leads to very quick judgement! You are absolutely right, with Reiki healings the practicioners ego is put aside and is merely a channel for God’s light and love. And as it says in the bible marcus 16:15 : “travel around the world and if you lay your hands on the sick, they wil become healthy”. He also says “Lay your hands on each other for healing” . Should I deny him to be his instrument?
      For information from the other side of the equation, try this website:

      With meditation you are turning inwards, eliminating everything that distracts you from the purest form of being n’sync with god and the divine. Thats why you feel so close to him during that time. Meditation is a tool to still your mind in order to listen to your heart and soul – thats where you are “home” with god.

      I am a practising christian, school teacher, Reiki master, Numerologist (and before i get burned on the stake for that one on this forum- there is 4 schools of Numerology, my one is based on Pythagoras), Montessori Therapist and work with problem children.

  20. Alexandra Helbig-Human says:

    I agree with you Daphney.
    This is a very good and important blog to warn and inform people.I wish nobody the expirience i went through .Keep it going.My problem always is that people tend to think ,if you were diagnosed mentaly ill and talk about things like this you still are delusive because Schzophrenia normaly doesnt disapear.
    But i want to be honest and also make hope by my testimony .It proofes that for God nothing is impossible.i never had any relaps since i am off medication.Thank you God!!!

    • Daphney says:

      I rejoice for you Alexandra.

      I am at the moment studying the scriptures about the power of the Spoken word and it’s exciting to see the many promises God has given us to grow in our faith. There are many scriptures you can pray, cover and protect yourself and especially your mind against spiritual attacks.

      The first one I want to share is in Ephesians 6 (the Full Armor of God), especially verse 17
      “And take the helmet of salvation” (the helmet protections your mind) and the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God”

      The other scripture is 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” The word of God is very powerful and it works like a double edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). I like to pray this scripture over people and encourage them to SPEAK it out over themselves since their tongue is a creative force!

      God bless you!

  21. Alexandra Helbig-Human says:

    Sorry for my typing mistake.Of course he died at the cross for us.Sow it only now.Alex

  22. seekeruk says:

    Grateful thanks to all of you who sent in comments supporting my viewpoint – and special thanks to Daphney for sharing your horrific story. How wonderful that you are now healed, through Jesus’s help. Hopefully the more people share their similar experiences, the more likely others will be to believe what we are saying…….

    Alexander, if you want to get your account of your experiences translated, I will be happy to publish it here.

    • Daphney says:

      Thank you Seekeruk.

      I feel I should also mention that my cousin got initiated into level 1, against my advice. A month later, she came to see in my office because from the first day of her initiation she suffered from very bad nausea and also couldn’t sleep! I say this because you wrote about the group your husband joined and the lady in charge prayed for a ‘sign’ and everyone felt an overwhelming nausea. It was so bad for my cousin that she couldn’t eat for days and lost a lot of weight. I gave her a prayer to renounce Reiki and command the demons to leave her in JESUS name… and for her to close the doors (the chakras that had been opened in her life that would give the demons access back into her). She was absolutely ok after that and never suffered from nausea and insomnia anymore.

      Also… demons are referred to by JESUS as “unclean spirits”. They come from the pit of hell and they are the extreme OPPOSITE of anything good, healthy and clean! They smell of death (read 2 Corinthians 2:16 where Paul refers to the smell of death!).

      For those of us who are sensitive to the realm of the spirit and have the gift of discerning of spirits, we often can ‘smell’ when a demon entity enters a room, especially the spirit of death (there was on particular case I will never forget that I came across in Africa about 4 years ago) It’s a very putrid smell, horribly nauseating, like the smell of rotting/decaying flesh. Hard to describe but that’s the closest I can think of and others with similar experiences have said the same!

      • Alexandra Helbig-Human says:

        Thanks Daphne for your report,it confirms mine.I will try to translate what i wrote for the german web-site.

        Christian Reiki is an absolute no go!
        This is meant to be a warning for all who still dont know.
        Since years the Esoteric and new age scene blooms, unfortunatly also among the healing professions.
        I , being a Physio entered this bad path during a training in Craniosakraltherapie where i was also manipulated towards Reiki.
        I knew a little bit about it, everybody loved it, proclaiming it feels so good this
        healing energy!Who doesnt want to integrate it into its treatments!(Thank god i never did, but i had it on me then)
        I organized books, everything available in the normal book shop.
        I got the book about the Master sign.
        Happily and not knowing i read it and tested it on myself, including the master symbol.
        Dont get fooled, the expensive initiations are only a money making strategie.
        Unfortunatly it works without them also.
        At the beginning i felt great and strong and my normal physio treatments got a new intensity.
        Soon i felt anxious, felt chased tby negative energies and didnt enjoy my home anymore,something was in.
        In my desperation i remembered Jesus and. throw everything connected with
        Esoteric away.I felt Jesus very close suddenly understood why i died at the cross for us.It was so intense that i started crying.I would say he touched my soul and saved it.
        But the course was not finished yet and i went back, thinking, its a Cranio course, you just leave the Reiki.
        After the instructor, an British guy. trained in Puna,gave a demonstration treatment on me i was psychotic and now, my brain really possesed.
        I had afterwards halluzinations about satan and was scared to death.
        I prayed for my life, it took hours, then i went into a psichiatric hostpital.
        No matter if it was a delusion(i was diagnosed Schizophrenic) or real, he was there.
        Reiki is demonic and i had called, not knowing, the master!The more i tried to read n the bible, for protection, the worse it became in my head..I had blasphemic voices and could not control them.I was never blasphemic before and also never mentally ill.I was like a fight between good and evel in my head.In this horrible state Jesus calmed me telling me at the moment only my heart counts and something else told me to write down and think about the following three words.
        Humbleness, fear of the lord and mercy.I did and thought about them the following years.And i learned the hard way.
        I was sick for 7 years, not psychotic but the medication had bad side effects.
        No feelings, i got fat,lost my drive, many friends and the joy of live.
        I could not sleep for 5 years without havy sedating sleeping pills beside the antipsychotics.Then i came right again.
        Since nearly 3 years i am off any tablets and sleep again.I met my husband on my first happy again trip and am happilly married in Cape Town now.I got anew life.
        Also here Reiki is wide spread.In the Gym you find it, in a psychitric Hospital, where i worked for 6 month as a volunteer i saw flyers of the AA supporting with Reiki.
        I am shocked about the dimensions.

        What i learned :
        any so called spiritual energy work is bad and sin.We are not allowed to interfere into the godly life plan of others nor should we search for secret
        spiritual knowledge.
        These things are not harmless or good but evel and Reiki is one of the worst forms and a world wide problem.
        Dont get involved and if you are ask Jesus to help and set you free.
        Instead of meditating about love and peace, practice it in your daily life.
        Sorry for the broken English, i am German.

      • Daphney says:

        Thank you SO much Alexandra for sharing your testimony. Your English is good enough and I can understand everything you wrote.

        I am SOOOO glad I’ve found this blog and I want to say a BIG thank you to Seekeruk for starting this blog. Please keep it going because New-Age/Reiki is an epidemic and there are thousands of people out there that need help to be get free and the LORD will bring them to this page to read our testimony and they will come to know that JESUS is able and can/will save them if they call on His Name!

        I also want to say a word especially to people still involved in Reiki that is reading this blog. I don’t blame you at all for your choices because it was exactly the same for me! I once read a book called “GOD Chasers” and the author wrote that new-agers are in fact ALL seeking for a spiritual encounter with GOD.. outside of the church, since they are not able to find HIM within the walls of many churches. I believe this is true in many ways and it’s so sad! It was the same thing for me, I needed a Saviour (JESUS) but I was bound by traditions and rituals and in addition, I never once heard the priest talk about the importance of having a RELATIONSHIP with GOD. Yet this is exactly what JESUS came to do… to reconcile us with our HEAVENLY FATHER through His death & resurrection. Because of JESUS we can now have a relationship with GOD THE FATHER and we never have to look to any other false gods (like Reiki) for anything else… ever again. That’s Good News!!!

        God bless you all!

  23. Daphney says:

    I absolutely agree with everything you’ve written about Reiki. I have no doubt it’s demonic and that the so-called healing energies come from another source other than from the Heavenly Father.

    I was initiated into Reiki (1st & 2nd level) after being told by my uncle (a priest) that it was the healing power of the Holy Spirit (we are told to test every spirit to see if they are from God!). Long story short, I practiced it through my clinic, on clients, for a few years and saw some amazing ‘miracles’ – I even saw a tumor dissolve right before my eyes (we know that scriptures tell us that even the magicians in the courts of Pharaoh performed miracles!). I was able to see clearly in the spiritual realm and often saw my Spirit Guide (aka demonic spirit laying hands on people while I was doing Reiki on them. (Also, I was so blinded to the truth at that time that I didn’t wonder why he looked like ET, the alien!!!). Needless to say, a ‘miracle’ always took place when ET was present!

    Everything was brilliant for a while and I became well known, even the celebrities began to seek me out!). And then I began to get visions of some SYMBOLS! When I told my Reiki Master at that time, I was told that I was very gifted… that I was a chosen one and I was talked about by other masters! It created a lot of jealously among some of them, they began to dislike me! I was also told the symbols I was seeing were ‘secret’ and there was no way I would know about them unless they were revealed to me at the Master initiation… so that’s what they meant when they said I was chosen. So my Master began to prepare me for initiation to be become a master. I was given some manuals to study and every time I studied from them I would feel very uncomfortable. It got worse and worse. It felt like I was hallucinating at times. In addition, I kept feeling like I was standing on top of a precipice and I was about to fall over into this endless pit. Every time I thought about the Master initiation, the same horrible feeling would creep back and it became so bad that I then began to experience terrible nightmares.
    ((((((About a year ago I began to attend this church and the pastor revealed me that several years, him and his church prayed for my salvation and that God would set me free from Reiki. Wow! Prayer works!)))))

    Then one day someone came to my clinic for healing and when I laid hands on her, something very evil manifested through her and I was thrown back meters away from her. A terrible fear came upon me and would not leave me day in and day out. The nightmares became terrifying. There was no one to help me and in my fear and confusion I began to call out to Jesus, telling him if he was real, to save me!!!! For lack of time and space, I won’t share too much about all the horrible things that happened during that time but I want to share this:

    One evening Jesus entered my bedroom when I was calling out to him in sheer desperation. He came in all his glory and when his light entered my room I heard his voice audibly! As he spoke I was completely set free of this terrible fear and dread I’d been experiencing ever since that particular day. Jesus continued to visit me every evening for about 2 weeks and during his visitation, He began to teach me scriptures in the Bible that I didn’t even know existed (I never used to read my Bible but now I do!). The first scripture he showed me was from JOHN 14:6 “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME”. And then he went on to show me that Reiki was not what it seemed…. but that it was a deception from Satan to draw me onto another path, other than His WAY… away from HIS TRUTH which would eventually deny me ETERNAL LIFE that he had paid for on the Cross of Calvary! He pointed me to PROVERBS 14:12 “THERE IS A WAY WHICH SEEMS RIGHT TO A MAN BUT IN THE END IT LEADS TO DEATH”.

    This immediately answered previous questions that I’d had every time a Christian had told me Reiki was bad but they couldn’t tell me why it was bad. I used to wonder how can something that helps other people, something that brings healing, be so bad? Right there in my bedroom that night, Jesus showed me in the scriptures that Reiki is NOT what it seems… but it’s dangerous because IT’S NOT OF GOD!!!!
    Long, long story short… with the help of a Christian pastor I got prayed for and like the author of this blog, I was delivered and set free from all the the so-called powers which in fact originated from the ‘demons’ (spirit guides) that were assigned to me when I was initiated into Reiki.


    • brett says:

      rediculus. reiki is a energy made up from the universal energy. god is a heavnly body the purest form of energy. energy is a gift that god has bostode upon every animal every creature on this plannet. and man being his perfect creation gave us the gift to use it to heal others all through history there have been healers weither they were belivers in god or not. they were still blessed by his hand to help others. gods intention is not for us to become so conncernd by getting into heaven that we loose our perspective of what is truly important to live clean and to help others. reiki is a tool to boost our spirit and to help heal it. if you cut your hand wouldn’t you bandage it. if you broke your arm wouldn’t you cast it. if your energy is dwindiling it it causes you physical aillments then your spirit is to weak. the things we do on this earth prepares our spirit for the next life. if hear on this earth u vpersacute anything that ur specific religion does not teach do not shun it. pray on it for only god truly knows the answer not your priest. I myself am both a stydier of religions and a firm beliver in god who talks with him deaply and personaly instead of going to church. who better to ask about god then asking god himself. after years of training energy and being extreamly faithfull god has even blessed me by hanging a rossery on my back bumper and leaving nthe cross to it weeks after on the ground were I was walking after praying to learn how to talk to him in a pleasing way. god has not discouraged me from traing my own energy but instead encouraged me. once you become spititual enough he may even bless you with the ability to see his heavnly spirits and those dark spirits to show you who is guiding you weither it be that suddenly you are over come with greef or stress it is those negative spitirs aka demons and the spirits of light his angles give u a sence of relief that ITS GOING TO BE OK WHEN YOU ARE THINKING HOW IMPOSSIBLE SOMTHING IS GOING TO BE. do not shun out the gift he has given you embrace it. for even jesus him sleft used his heavenly energy to heal the sick and the dead. so why shun out healers here on earth that he has blessed to share his heavnly energy

      • seekeruk says:

        I agree with you on one point….. consulting a priest about these things is not necessarily the answer: our experiences show that very many priests are completely ignorant about reiki etc. and so consulting them may well be of no use whatsoever! It was very much our own personal relationship with God which gave us our answers (although, having come to the realisation that reiki was not from God, we did then seek guidance from priests about how to ‘free’ ourselves from it).

        I believe God does communicate personally to us in many ways if we are open to listening to him. There is however a problem in relying solely on your own personal relationship with God in deciding what is right and wrong. We humans have a terrible tendency to hear the things we want to hear and to believe that God is telling us what we want him to. We have to be forever wary of this tendency in interpreting what we believe God wants from us and that is why we should always make sure that what we choose to believe is rooted in Scripture or the teachings of our Christian churches. Above all, always remember that the devil is so very clever and can make things that come from him appear to come from God.

    • rei is japanies for god ki means energy so thuslly it is but a drop of his power he has postode upon people who he chose. if everythng is gods will then isn’t reiki? god has blessed me by leaving a rossery on my back bumper then 3 weeks latter found the cross. I put it back together then had my preist preform a blessing. the energy I felt through training was warm. but when the prest gave me the rossery giving me it in a hand shake it was as if iheld a sun in my hand over come with joy. the purest form of ki the heavenly fathers energy

      • Cleonassis says:

        I do not understand what is your mission on this page. You should have realized that your
        “enlightenment” is not of interest for everybody. There are thousands like you in the meantime, share with them!!You waste your precious energy here!

      • seekeruk says:

        I agree, Alex. Why are these people so anxious to come here and tell us what we believe is wrong? It really does not make sense!

  24. Alexandra Helbig-Human says:

    Thank you for your site.
    I wrote my very bad expirience with Reiki and the saving by Jesus for a german Christliches Reiki?
    If you want me to i ill translate it.
    Reiki is daemonic and people have to be warned.. I was possed, ang scizophrenic after playing with it.
    Thanks to God and Jesus i am well again.Kind regards,

  25. Hello, I enjoy reading all of your post. I wanted to write a little comment to
    support you.

  26. Truth says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. What you say is absolutely true. There is no middle road as some people are trying to say. You are either for God or against Him. Reiki is NEVER good and cannot be integrated with Catholic faith in any way. Sadly many of our religious and others are deceived in this way.
    God bless and I’m glad you are free of reiki.

  27. Sara says:

    Hi there. I just wanted to put in my own take on this. To me, Reiki is simply the opening of ones self to the spirit realm. There most certainly evil in the realm of the spirit ( despite what many New Agers claim). But there is also good in the realm of the spirit ( angels, the Holy Spirit, all exist in this realm.)

    Think of Reiki like the internet. The internet can be a great thing. You can get information, purchase things, or do business using it as a tool. But like the internet, one CAN get a virus if one is not well protected, or even worse, an internet predator CAN trace your information and harm you.

    One must be constantly aware of the dangers (and benefits) of such a connection.But the connection itself is neither good nor evil. It is simply a tool that can be utilized for both.

    I actually am a Christian who practices Reiki. But I believe it IS possible to practice Reiki safely without the enemy gaining power over you.

    In my Reiki class, they instructed me to prepare for performing treatment by calling upon “previous Reiki masters” to assist you. I believe this is where the harm lies. In doing this, you’re allowing ANOTHER SPIRIT FORM OTHER THAN CHRIST to enter your body. VERY VERY dangerous. In my attunement, I distinctly heard God telling me ” DO NOT DO THIS.” So I didn’t.

    Instead, I called upon the healing power of Christ’s love. In doing this, I’ve allowed the blood of Christ to create a firewall around me, while simultaneously allowing it to flow through me and project upon the one who I am treating. I am using the reiki technique to my advantage, without putting myself at risk.


    When you engaged in Reiki, you did so without knowing how to protect yourself. You basically posted your bank account information, your home address, and all your private information in a public forum. That was dangerous, and that was why you experienced what you did.

    I’m sorry that you had this happen to you. I only wish you were better informed.

    • Sara says:

      Again I will say, Reiki CAN be evil. I am so sorry you had to experience this. May Christ’s love heal any damage that might have come of this.

    • Daphney says:

      Reiki’s root lies in Buddhism and has no connection with Christianity and the teachings of JESUS. Buddhism and Christianity are extreme opposites.

      Within 3 months of renouncing Reiki and cutting myself free from all forms of new-age practices, I reconciled with my dad who had rejected me as a young child. He was in hospital dying from cancer and wasn’t expected to live past that month. I was thankful to the Lord and was telling Him that in my heart. I had one hand on my dad’s leg. Well, the Lord supernaturally healed my dad and the whole medical team even called it a miracle. It wasn’t Reiki that healed my dad but the love and grace of our God for him. 5 years later, the cancer returned, so my pastor’s wife and I prayed to the Lord (sitting at my kitchen table while my dad was at his own home) and we asked Him to do again what He had done 5 years before. My dad was again supernaturally healed.. for the 2nd time! No Reiki involved!

      Since, I have prayed for countless people and seen many healed — and delivered from demonic spirits through the ministry that the Lord has entrusted me with.

      – A lady with uterine cancer – completely healed. She now has 2 babies!
      – Scoliosis healed (my niece) — after one leg that was shorter than the other grew out!
      – 2 women who’d had previous miscarriages — now have babies
      – Depression — healed
      – Migraine — healed
      – An Irak war veteran, healed of post traumatic disorder & suicidal thoughts (he was on his way to have a Reiki treatment with this lady when I prayed for them).
      – A young 5 year old boy, born with a chronic liver disease — healed. He received a brand new liver and within 3 weeks he could run around and play games with his friends (something he’d never done before) and he could attend pre-school.The doctor had given him less than a month to live.
      – Too many to mention all

      It’s clear to me Sara that you are truly a genuine person and that you have the heart of Christ in you. God looks at the intentions of heart… He knows your heart and He knows your intentions are good. You love people and you want to see them healed. There are many loving people like you out there, with the same heart as you. I believe you when you said that you heard God telling you not to call upon the spirits of the ascended master. These ‘spirits’ are not human spirits or spirits of the ascended masters but they are in fact powerful demonic entities that are influencing the work of these Reiki masters that initiated you and I into Reiki. Very dangerous because of the possibilities of ‘transference of spirits’! (1 Timothy 5:22 tells us “Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily…”

      May I encourage you Sara, to continue calling upon the power of God’s love when you pray for people but leave out the Reiki, rather pray in the Name of Jesus Try it and you will see that you really don’t need Reiki at all. Please note that I don’t really believe I have a healing gift… I believe that the healing I see is because of my faith in the power of JESUS’ NAME!
      John 14:13-14 “Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do”

      God bless you.

    • Truth in Reality says:

      Sara, you need to check out something called ‘syncretism’. God was more angry with the Israelites for this than anything. God despises idol worship, and anything and everything to do with it, and has absolutely forbidden us to have anything whatsoever to do with what to Him – and he ought to know a whole lot better than we do – are demon gods and anything to do with them or the veneration of them. We are told this clearly in God’s word and warned over and over again that the devil is a very clever deceiver who walks around like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour, and:

      “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” (1 John 4:1)

      We are also told:

      “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

      Reiki is a name, and it cannot save us. We can be healed (temporarily) by reiki as demons can heal and they do in order to deceive.

      There is not even a 1% chance that God would use reiki to heal anyone when he has already given us the only name by which we may be saved.

      If you are a Christian, you can cast out demons in the name of Jesus which will help, and you can pray renunciation prayers of which there are some on my site. Generational inquity, keeping cursed objects (cursed by God in the Bible) and various other things can give demons licence grounds or legal rights to harrass, torment and so on, even and sometimes especially Christians. Although Christians spirit is sealed until the day of redemption, demons can attack a Christian’s thoughts, feelings, will, emotions and physical body.

      Cancer can itself be demonic, and can be prayed against and
      often destroyed using Bible passages such as:

      “But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.” (Matthew 15:13)

      Check my site for prayers for this and other similar prayers can be found on the internet.

  28. Theresa says:

    I would like to thank you for writing your story and sharing information on Reiki. It can be hard to state your beliefs as a Catholic and identify evil in a public forum. I am a practicing Catholic, and understand our beliefs on New Age Religions. I have just begun researching Reiki and can clearly recognize this as a form of Satanism. It saddens me that so many Catholics, including priests and nuns, are unaware of the dangers of such practices. Again, thank you for sharing your story and helping to get this message out. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  29. Dolores says:

    What a sad blog. I’m so sorry you had such a poor experience. I am a practising Catholic and consider myself to be well versed in the teachings of my church. I was brought up with a strong belief in the power of the Holy Spirit, and I have believed in and experienced the healing power of my beliefs and faith in God since I was very young. We all heal in so many different ways – with a smile, kind advice, a caring touch… one way or another we all manage to heal each other if we’re minded to and we know we can do this because Jesus has told us that we can. But I was also brought up to realise that there are many roads to God, and many ways to lead a good life. Reiki of course is not a faith: it is just another way for us to care for ourselves and for others and no-one should ever have a negative experience of the practice, but for whatever reason you and your family clearly have. I do find your experiences somewhat incongruous with my own, although I believe that your choice to follow your own road is exactly right for you. There are more than a few Priests and Nuns who are managing to integrate their faith with Reiki and other healing practices and I look to them for advice and guidance.
    God bless, I hope that you and your family are happy and well

    • seekeruk says:

      What I think is sad is that so many Catholics practise reiki – and even sadder is the fact that they are influenced by priests and nuns who really should know better!

    • Daphney says:

      Dolores, reading through all the posts again, I noticed that you said that “there are many roads to God. But that’s not what JESUS said!
      He said in John 10:7 – “Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am THE DOOR of the sheep.” and in John 14:6 He says “I am THE WAY, The Truth and The Life. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME”

      JESUS confirmed Himself as being THE ONLY DOOR and THE ONLY WAY to the FATHER.

      It’s written in The Bible / The Word of God and if anyone tells you otherwise and it’s not found in the Holy Scriptures, than they are not telling you the TRUTH!

      May you find the Truth! God bless you:)

    • seekeruk says:

      You can probably find some occult permeating all sorts of place it should not be present! If though you are saying that it is in the official practices of the Catholic church, then I will have to disagree. I do not however want this website to become a place where people put other religions down…. so I would be grateful if Christian visitors here could refrain from criticising other branches of Christianity. Thank you.

  30. seekeruk says:

    I have already said that I am no longer responding to pro-reiki comments. If you have something amazing to say that will convince everybody that reiki is wonderful, then why wouldn’t you say it here? There is no need for me to email you…… and I am not going to do so!

  31. James says:

    I’m sorry if my response seemed quite irritating, but people are trying to show you that, although you believe that Reiki isn’t briliant, it actually is… please, just email me, and I’ll hopefully show you that.

  32. James says:

    Hi there. With all due respect, and I don’t mean to cause offence at all, but I’m not entirely sure that you feel as if you know all the facts about Reiki. I would like you very much to email me. Thank you.

  33. seekeruk says:

    I am not sure I like the sound of hagiotherapy either T, but I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    Apologies for being such a very long time in responding; life has been somewhat crazy the past year!

  34. T says:

    It’s very good that you started a blog about this subject. From my experience, those who engage in reiki and similar practices don’t know too much about the teachings of Catholic Church. So, they usually don’t listen if you try telling them that the Church does not approve of such new age practices and that it can be very dangerous to mess with unknown energies and spirits.

    They should be told about the great healing aids they can find inside the Church, first of all confession and worthy reception of the Holy Communion. But there are also other things. For example, there is hagiotherapy, see more here:
    that a good Croatian priest (also a theologian) started. I’m sure there are other acceptable practices where those in need can go to and find spiritual health which helps them if not solve, then endure and live better with other physical and psychological problems.

    • Warlock Asylum says:

      This is not true. It is actually demonism in the guise of Christianity. There is nothing wrong with the practice of Reiki, just like there is nothing wrong with acupuncture. Reiki follows the simple Christian principle,,God helps those who help themselves.

      Just by your post I see that you are not living in the divine truth because fear does not dwell in the divine mind and is therefore not a part of God’s plan. There is no difference in worshipping an idol made out of wood and stone, and one existing in the mind. Yet in still, you are using the “church” as an idol, when we were told long ago that “God does not dwell in man-made temples.”

      In you very condemnation of Reiki, you have given your spirit over to Satan, for this is promoting “fear” and fear is a quality that is injurious and leads to all other sins. First learn the difference between a truth and a lit before posting such things. I will pray for you still.

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