One of the main purposes of this blog is to provide a comprehensive list of links to Christian websites – both Catholic and non-Catholic – about the Christian view on reiki.

During our own experience of reiki in 2002, between the first and second days of our “Reiki 1” course, I did attempt a quick internet search for information – but there was not a great deal of info available. I did find a website about reiki and tantric magic (the Cross and the Veil) which is still available today (see the links on the right of the page). The idea of reiki being associated with such things seemed to me, at the time, to be so ridiculous that I completely discounted it! Now, I am not quite so sure…………

One thing I am sure about is the fact that most Catholic clergymen have not, up until now, seemed to know very much about the reiki problem. As I mentioned in my first post, my husband rang a priest who was more interested in the fact that his breakfast was getting cold! We were also told that ‘If it is healing, it must be good!” The priest who helped us after our experience was over was a little more in tune with the problem because he had had a personal involvement in spiritualism in his youth and said that some of what we were telling him sounded familiar. His interest however stayed with wanting to assist us; he was adamant that he did not want to read anything at all about reiki, despite being offered some information that my husband had gathered together.

Very few priest seem to realise – or care – just how many Catholics are being drawn into ‘New age’ practices. I intend to do a further post giving examples of Catholics (including many nuns) who practise reiki. When my sister-in-law was still alive, I found out that she was going to a reiki conference at a retreat centre at convent owned by the nuns of the Congregation of Canonesses Regular of St Augustine of Windesheim in Sayers Common, Sussex. I actually wrote to my bishop and asked him if he was aware of the conference. I am afraid he never answered (I am sure he is very busy – and probably gets lots of cranks like me contacting him!) – although, I just looked for the Sayers Common website and it has disappeared!

In these modern days of increased internet usage, there is a little more information about the Christian view of reiki out there – but it can be very hard to find. This is where I hope my site here will help by providing a comprehensive list of links for any Christian who is contemplating taking up reiki. The non-Catholic links have been included because many of them provide some really good information (I think perhaps we Catholics may be a little late in realizing that there is a problem here which needs addressing!). It is worth mentioning though that some of the websites I have used are, on other pages, quite anti-Catholic – particularly the Lighthouse Trails Research site, which is very against any kind of contemplative prayer. They also have a page which (quite rightly, in my view) criticises the Catholic church for allowing reiki to be used at many Catholic Convents.

If you arrive here as a Catholic newly seeking information on reiki, I would first recommend that you read ‘A CATHOLIC CRITIQUE OF THE NEW AGE‘ written by Fr. Gareth Leyshon. I have only just discovered this website and the article on reiki which is included in it; it gives an excellent overview of the problem and takes into account the numerous kinds of reiki available and the greatly varying intentions of those practicing it!