It is easy to be deceived by reiki. It draws people in with promises of peace and healing and claims to be non-religious and therefore suitable for Christianity. Who is there who does not need – and seek – healing?

As mentioned on the Catholic Culture article entitled
there are a number of Christians (including many nuns!) who have been drawn into reiki, as the links below show……………

This page on the site tries to tell us of the

REIKI FOR CHRISTIANS says that the purpose of the site ‘is to answer questions Christians have about Reiki and to provide a place for Christians who practice Reiki to share their ideas and experiences’.

A REIKI HEALER has a page devoted to Christian Reiki.

REIKI AND CHRISTIANITY DO MIX according to a podcast by a Minister of the The United Church of Canada, the Reverend Dawn Vaneyk, on the Australian site!

A CATHOLIC REIKI PRACTITIONER from the US actually calls his site ‘Catholic Reiki’. (Interestingly, he has a page detailing how he has developed a specifically Christian type of reiki attunement, using Christian symbols!)

ANOTHER ROMAN CATHOLIC REIKI MASTER – this time from the Philippines.

I mentioned before that the PRIORY OF OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL at Sayers Common in Sussex apparently held a reiki conference at its retreat centre a while ago. In its defense, the centre is advertised HERE as being open to all faiths, so maybe they feel unable to censor who the centre is hired out to.

The convent at Roehampton, Surrey, UK has reiki courses available at its KAIROS CENTRE too (I was once told that there was a nun there who practiced reiki herself, although I cannot verify this fact).
(N.B. The page above which shows reiki available at the Kairos Centre has gone offline. However, the Nuture Life Centre website shows that reiki is still taking place at the Kairos Centre)

Elsewhere in the world (especially the United States) there are plenty of other nuns/convents offering reiki. Here are a few links:-

SISTER TERESINA GRASSO. This nun is associated with a Catholic Theological Union, no less – and also runs a REIKI WELLNESS CENTRE at St Celestine Catholic Church in Elmwood Park, Illinois.

SiSTER JAN GINZKEY, OSB Benet Hill Monastery, Colorado Springs – another reiki master. The site says that their BISHOP ENDORSES THE WORK OF THESE NUNS.

SISTER EILEEN CURTEIS is a reiki master whose book book on reiki called ‘Reiki: A Spiritual Doorway To Natural Healing’ is available on AMAZON.COM

SISTER ANN MATIEU, OSF. is a member of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis. She lives in Springfield, Illinois and is a reiki master!

SiSTER MARYANN ENGELHARDT, SDS is a nurse and reiki master in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

THE SISTER OF PROVIDENCE in California have a ‘Spirituality Centre’ which offers a course entitled ‘Opening to the Healing Power of God’ which includes reiki and reflexology.

THE DOMINICAN SISTERS OF MISSION SAN JOSE offered reiki in their June retreat (see also Catholic newspaper report HERE.

SISTERS OF ST BENEDICT FERDINAND, INDIANA (these offer first degree reiki courses!)

SISTERS OF CHARITY, CINCINATTI (two reiki nuns here!)


URSULINE SISTERS OF LOUISVILLE Reiki is offerered in their 2008/9 schedule.

DOMINICANS IN RACINE, WISCONSIN. No reiki nuns, apparently; but a United Methodist minister is one of two reiki masters providing courses here.


UPPER ROOM SPIRITUAL CENTRE, NEPTUNE, NEW JERSEY. Sister Maureen Conroy is the reiki nun here!

Last, but by no means least, the website provides the following article which was apparently printed in August/September 2005 edition of Vision (the newsletter for the National Association of Catholic Chaplains):


    UPDATE 2nd July 2010

Fr. Patrick Joseph Leonard has has written a book entitled ‘REIKI FOR CHRISTIANS‘, the preface of which was written by Dom Irineu Danelon (Bishop of Lins in Brazil, Coordinator of Sobriety Pastoral, a member of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil and known well by the current pope).



  1. There are a lot of things in the world to be frightened of, but Reiki isn’t one of them.

    I’m sorry that you had a negative experience, but there may have been a lot going on around and within you that contributed to that, and reiki was simply the easiest thing to blame.

    It’s early, I haven’t had time to thoroughly read through everything, but I think I read enough to pick up the energy and flavor of your site.

    I hope that you find a path that will bring you peace– I feel this is the one thing you need and don’t have.

  2. Dear friend, I respect your opinion about REIKI and sympathise with youon the suffering caused by him, but involvement with satanism causes very grave psychological problems which REIKI does not pretend to heal. The Catholic Church has exorcists who deal with this. Also REIKI healing depends on the will of God, not on the REIKI practitioner. I suggest that you read my book ¨REIKI for Christians¨ as described in the site above. The preface was written by a well respected Catholic Bishop. It may be acquired from angela@the healing Sincerely. Fr.Patrick Leonard

    • natalie says:

      My heart breaks to see people so decieved. It is those little tiny things like this that the devil can use to draw christians into lies and away from God. God wants a true, honest, humble relationship with us. We are nothing without him. HE alone can heal…otherwise it is Satans power convincing you that what you are doing is helpful and okay.
      I know you dont agree but i pray that you seek God and God alone…let him take care of everything..that is where true healing and miracles occur.
      Jesus loves you.

  3. Ashley says:

    my husband was raised catholic, then ‘studied into Satanism’, and ‘when i was studying into satanism, i had this reiki power, it dissapeared when i became a christian…”

    when he sank into depression and submitted to a wiccan, and then reiki again; his depression worsened, he became paranoid, fearful, delusional, zombielike. he let this woman molest his children. he ran away from all friends, his older child, wife..

    reiki is evil. i have been praying for his healing since 2004. our children are better off with a dead daddy, than a daddy who has brought so much corruption, disorder and evil into my family.

  4. seekeruk says:

    I am absolutely certain I answered these comments before, but my responses have somehow disappeared! Never mind; I will try again!

    Reading both the above comments, it seems as if neither commenter has actually read my account of my experiences at all! They both tell me I should try reiki for myself, totally disregarding the fact that I did do just that: I went through the initiation process myself. If that isn’t trying it, I don’t know what is!

    I do respect the fact that many reiki advocates do, like my late sister-in-law, sincerely believe that reiki is good. It is interesting though that none of these people ever comments about what happened to me and my husband at the initiation ceremony. At the very least, they lack imagination about how any Christian would feel having the experiences of myself and my family. Do they seriously expect that we are now going to go back and try reiki all over again after what happened to us? I don’t think so! They actually never even attempt to explain our experiences; all they can say is how wonderful reiki is and how we should all try it!

    My intention in making this website is not to personally try to convert all the people who are 100% pro-reiki. In most cases, their minds are closed: they believe they have discovered this amazing cure for all of life’s ills and would find it impossible to even consider anything to the contrary. Once reiki had got hold of my sister-in law, there was no way she would ever even entertain the idea that it might not be the wonderful thing she saw it as – and I am sure she was not alone in that. I know it is difficult, when you believe in something, to accept even the possibility that you might be wrong.

    This website is not for those people! If you are comfortable with reiki and are 100% sure it is right, what are you even doing here? This blog is really intended for Christians who are thinking about getting into reiki, or are maybe already into it but beginning to doubt that it is good. It is meant to be a reference point for such people; a list of links which will hopefully help them find the information that they are seeking.

    I do not presume to be eloquent enough to convince reiki proponents that they are wrong; I will have to leave that to those far more clever than me! All I do here is to tell you honestly what happened to me and my family and to try to point you towards being able to obtain more information if that is what you are truly seeking.


    By the way, Sherri, Jesus always told His followers to heal in His name. Reiki is not done in His name – there is never any mention of Him, or of God at all. You do not have to believe in God to be initiated into reiki; I am sure that even satanists would be welcomed with open arms as long as they had the money to pay for the course! Do you think that a satanist giving reiki would be healing in Jesus’ name? I don’t think so!

  5. Sherri says:

    It is often difficult for us to understand things that are outside of our own experiences, and easy to be fearful of things outside of our comfort zone, but I can tell you as someone who has experience with Reiki that is is nothing to be afraid of. When I practice Reiki, it is letting God-energy flow through me, asking to be a vessel for healing energy -which is love. As someone who has had a relationship with Jesus my entire life, I can tell you that it is the time when I most feel His presence, in the purest kind of way, and many that I have provided Reiki for have felt the very same feelings even though they were lifelong Christians as well and still devoted to their church or Christianity.

    Reiki is a practice of laying on of hands to heal in love – it could be considered the most closely related practice to what Jesus did…and exactly what he told us to do in following him. The essence of Jesus’s teachings were love and faith, which are also the essence of Reiki – it does not preclude Jesus’s actions or teachings, but actually demonstrates them. Being able to love another without judgment and allow that to flow through you is a very powerful thing, but one that many of us, as Christians, forget to do.

    In John 14:12, Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” From this passage it would seemd that anyone who is NOT doing these things like Jesus did might not have the strongest faith in Him. At the very least, we should be open to the idea that some people are trying to behave like Jesus, just as He told us to do, and attacking such a loving practice is probably not a fair thing to do, because you cannot know what is in the heart of every person who practices Reiki. I would suggest that anyone who feels drawn to try Reiki do so, to know for themselves rather than just reading in fear.

    Love, light, and peace to you in your journey.

  6. Mick Turner says:

    I truly believe, and my life experiences have repeatedly borne this out, that Reiki is far more spiritual and safe than any form of institutional Christianity. The Church, be it Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox, is the single most Satanic obstacle to finding Christ that exists on this planet. I should say try Reiki for six months and see what happens. Only then can you make a cogent judgment, based on your experience rather than what someone told you or something you read.

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