Although I have allowed comments on here, I do not have the time to reply to each and every one. Besides, I am not an expert on theological matters – or indeed, any religious matters! The reason I have provided the links is to enable those who are experts to talk for me through them. All I know is that my own personal experience of reiki certainly made me believe that it is not not compatible with Christian teaching.

A few words to my first commenter though………. If you are not a Christian, then this site is not intended for you; its purpose is to enable Christians to learn more about the rights or wrongs of reiki. You refer to all Christian churches as being ‘Satanic’. All I can say to this is that Jesus can be seen in the gospels establishing his church on earth – the first days of which are chronicled in the acts of the apostles. He established a church, not a reiki ministry! I agree with you that the churches of today may well have deviated from what Christ wanted – sadly, that is inevitable because the church is made up of human beings and unfortunately us humans get things wrong all the time! That doesn’t mean that the Church itself is wrong – or that Jesus would prefer us to dispense with the churches and set up reiki churches (where nobody would even hear the names of God or Jesus) instead!

You say that I should try reiki for six months ……… and that I should not judge reiki from information given me by someone else. I was with my husband (who I incidentally trust completely) when he went through an obviously horrific experience during a reiki attunement. Are we really to carry on with reiki after that? If reiki were really in accordance with God’s wishes, would my husband have seen such a horrific and terrible image of Christ in his suffering? It doesn’t matter that my husband was a bit nervous of what was happening; if God had wanted him to believe that reiki was something that He approved of, this is definitely not the way He would go about it, by scaring my husband silly! I challenge any Christian to imagine themselves in my husband’s place; if you saw what he saw, there is no way you would go on honestly believing that reiki is okay.

The trouble is though (and we are back to that problem of being human beings again here!) we all too often believe only what we want to and dismiss everything else as rubbish and anyone who says differently as mere cranks!