Although I have had a steady little trickle of visitors here, I have no idea what any of them are thinking about what I have written. My earlier remarks concerning comments was aimed at non-Christian, pro-reiki readers: there is really no point my replying over and over again to these people, as my opposition to reiki is based purely on my Christian faith. I can understand people with no such faith believing that reiki is okay; my arguments will not convince you unless you share my faith, so I see no point in trying. This website is aimed at Christians who are either already involved in reiki or tempted to try it.

A word about a couple of bishops……… Firstly, I wrote to the bishop of the U.S. diocese in which the Benet Hill Monastery is situated because, as I previously mentioned, their website stated that he endorsed their work. I had a very nice email back from him, telling me that he actually shares my concerns completely. So, many thanks to Bishop Sheridan.

Unfortunately, similar thanks cannot be given to my bishop. I live in the U.K. diocese of Arundel and Brighton and you may have heard that my bishop Kieran Conry has attracted a lot of adverse publicity recently. I do not wish to comment on any of that: I personally have always found him to be a very kind man who has always seemed to be interested in talking to his people, as opposed to staying aloof and remote. I applaud him for that.

I mentioned before that I wrote to him a couple of years ago about the fact that a reiki conference was taking place in a convent in the diocese, although unfortunately he failed to reply to my email. No doubt he is a very busy man with many demands on his time. After making this site about reiki though, I decided to write to him again giving him a link to the site and attempting to sound out his views on the reiki issue. Sadly, it seems that I will never get to know what they are, as once again my email was ignored!

I have to say, that his failure to reply saddens me greatly. I had always had an idea of him as being somebody who would listen to people’s views and share his own. I know he probably gets to meet a lot of ‘crackpots’ in his ministry; maybe he considers that I am just another one of those! Being totally ignored is horrible though – worse even than being told you are taking a load of rubbish! I believe that my email deserved a reply, if only just a couple of lines to say he does not agree. I guess his silence really means that I have to assume anyway that he does not agree with me!

If even bishops think there is nothing wrong with reiki, what hope is there that ordinary Catholics will understand the dangers?

Please, if you read this and agree with me, I could really do with some support right now. In the meantime, I think I’ll join this lady in her prayers…………


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  1. I have just discovered your site. I am a diocesan exorcist and I can tell you (after 11 years experience and attending conferences with other Catholic exorcists) that reiki is extremely dangerous. I am at the moment involved in trying to help someone who has caused havoc in her family through her involvement in this (she is a “reiki master”) she is seriously disturbed now with hearing voices and being attacked by evil spirits. I do not know of any Catholic exorcist who has anything but negative comments to make about reiki. Apart from that, as you know, the philosophy (if we can call it that) is in direct contradiction to Catholic teaching. It is based on a false understanding of the human person which means that from the foundation up it is based on lies. Priests who endorse it need a good shake up and should be ashamed of themselves for leading people into error. I would urge anyone involved in this to stop it immediately.

    • seekeruk says:

      Apologies for the long delay in replying to your comment – for which I was very grateful! I have today drawn attention to your comment in a new post on my blog. Thanks again!

  2. Jane says:

    Thank you for having this site. I am a Catholic who has recently learned that there is a centre run by a nun where they train Reiki Masters. It is supposedly “Christ centered”. I asked a student of the centre where the healing energy comes from (is the Holy Spirit, an angel, somehting other) there was no satisfactory answer. It is like the one training did not truly know what the source of the energy is. This is troubling as we are supposed to test the spirits. Every spirit that confesses Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God. By the website author using the name of Jesus to stop the Reiki initiation, that says a lot to me. I will read further, including the links provided. Thank you again for caring enough to have created this site.

  3. seekeruk says:

    First of all, I am very sorry I have been so long replying to your comment, Christine.

    Your comparison of my husband’s experiences is interesting. I am certainly not an expert on these matters – but it seems to me that the saints, because they are very close to God, often invite suffering (and sometimes even ask for it) because of their holiness. I imagine that that was the case with Padre Pio. People saw that he was a man of prayer and holiness, so they did not question where the suffering was coming from.

    With my husband though, he was in an entirely different situation where he needed guidance, The whole atmosphere of what he saw conveyed to him the feeling of fear, of it being a warning to him. Is it so strange that God, being able to do anything He wants, might use similar experiences to convey different meanings?

    I think the really crucial point here though is that Padre Pio was himself sharing in the suffering of Christ, experiencing just a little bit of what Our Lord went through. Whereas my husband was just an onlooker who was shown the image of Christ’s passion for some reason (we believe it was as a warning) but did not share in it himself.

    As far as needing ‘the rubber stamp of a dead saint in order to be heard by God’ goes…… no, we don’t actually ‘need’ it as there is no obligation to us to pray to the saints. I am sure God will hear our prayers, even if we never say one word to a saint in our lives!

    However, we are human and sometimes God can seem so far away from us …….. so it can feel easier to talk to somebody who has been through similar struggles to us. Also, it is a bit like wanting to get a message to, say, a human King: you would most likely not go directly to him, you would approach his staff first and ask them to pass on the message because you would feel too humble to approach the the King direct!

    More than that though, there have been very many miracles associated with saints and it does seem that God grants special favours to those who have lead saintly lives. It makes sense, I guess, that God would be more likely to listen to a request from somebody who has achieved a high state of holiness than to those of us who have a long way to go to achieve that state (as most of us, sadly, do!).

    Does any of the above make any sense to you? Probably not! These are not easy subjects and I am sure there are many other people out there who could explain it all far better than me…..

  4. Christine S. says:

    I can understand what happened to your husband must have been so horrible. At my reiki attunement, I had constant anic attacks. I went to confession in the spring of last year and the priest prayed over me much like in your story when your reiki was removed. Now I am very confused. I have recently been through major life altering events that have caused me to wonder about what I really believe in. I do believe in god, I believe Jesus is my Lord and Savior and God’s only son. But I am not so sure reiki is bad. I am catholic and there are so many negative sites out there on what catholics pratice and that it is actually against God. This worries me greatly, as I am reasing my children catholic. I often wonder why we pray to the saints…when God tell us in the ten commandments not to do that. We pray to statues, pray while holding beads…get material things ‘blessed’ by priests.
    Then, my mother-in-law tells me to pray to Padre Pio…he’s a powerful intercessor for us. What?? Why?? My prayer must have the rubber stamp of a dead saint in order to be heard by God? What about God being with me always? That He knows the number of hairs on my head? Why would I need an intercessor? I’ve always heard about Padre Pio…but never knew the actual story. When I read it, I was amazed and horrified! Just like when I read the account about your own husband’s experience.

    If your husband is a catholic, then he obviously believes in the saints, such as Padre Pio. Padre Pio’s suffering with the stigmata was documented and horrific for him, but he eventually turned it around and saw it as a blessing. People revered him (which makes me wonder). Why did he not, as your husband did, see his suffering the pains that Christ sufferd as being a sign of evil? Why was instead was it viewed by him and all as a blessing?

    i am not trying to make troube…these are concerns that occupy m mind. I am in a constant state of turmoil over my religious beliefs…but not my faith. I believe in God, I believe Jesus Christ is His only son and my Lord and Savior…I just also believe that things here in this world are NOT black and white…there are many, many shades of gray.

  5. seekeruk says:

    Thanks for your comment, Joan.

    I know that reiki can seem very attractive and harmless. With respect though, please do not take your priest’s words on this as correct; my experience is that sadly the priests do not really know what reiki is about, or have any real interest in finding out! All I can say to you is to please read all the Catholic links on the right of this page, especially the Dr Gareth Leyshon one.

    Do you think it is okay to invoke spirits? If not, where do you think the power behind reiki comes from? If from God, why is it not necessary to believe in God to practice reiki? Indeed, why doesn’t God use his church to promote this healing gift, if it comes from Him? Do you really know what the reiki signs traced over your head mean? Why are they kept secret? Can you be truly certain that these signs do not open you up to spirits, possibly bad ones? How would you have felt if what happened to my husband happened to YOU at your initiation?

    Reiki might make you feel good now, but can you be absolutely sure that it won’t do you harm in the future? Some of my links talk about reiki causing adverse events, perhaps years afterwards. Remember that the devil is very cunning and clever and is perfectly capable of making something that is actually bad appear to be good.

    I wish you well. Please pray constantly about this……….. I am sure that God will help you to make the right decision.

  6. joan archer says:

    For 5 years now i have practiced reiki at level 2 on myself friends and family and found this experience very relaxing and often healing, as my understanding is it s power is to balance the Chakras which aids balance and health. i am also a catholic , I have asked our preist for guidance and he says, as long as its not viewed as a religion it is fine to use reiki for healing ( which is diferent from curing). I was hoping to go onto level 3 reiki , and develop my practice to people I don t know and may even charge for my time, however I havent gone down that route, praying for guidence. These are of course person views .

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