This is my reply to a recent comment to my ‘Christians who practise reiki’ post by somebody called Sherri, who wrote on August 27, 2009: –

It is often difficult for us to understand things that are outside of our own experiences, and easy to be fearful of things outside of our comfort zone, but I can tell you as someone who has experience with Reiki that is is nothing to be afraid of. When I practice Reiki, it is letting God-energy flow through me, asking to be a vessel for healing energy -which is love. As someone who has had a relationship with Jesus my entire life, I can tell you that it is the time when I most feel His presence, in the purest kind of way, and many that I have provided Reiki for have felt the very same feelings even though they were lifelong Christians as well and still devoted to their church or Christianity.

Reiki is a practice of laying on of hands to heal in love – it could be considered the most closely related practice to what Jesus did…and exactly what he told us to do in following him. The essence of Jesus’s teachings were love and faith, which are also the essence of Reiki – it does not preclude Jesus’s actions or teachings, but actually demonstrates them. Being able to love another without judgment and allow that to flow through you is a very powerful thing, but one that many of us, as Christians, forget to do.

In John 14:12, Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” From this passage it would seemd that anyone who is NOT doing these things like Jesus did might not have the strongest faith in Him. At the very least, we should be open to the idea that some people are trying to behave like Jesus, just as He told us to do, and attacking such a loving practice is probably not a fair thing to do, because you cannot know what is in the heart of every person who practices Reiki. I would suggest that anyone who feels drawn to try Reiki do so, to know for themselves rather than just reading in fear.

Love, light, and peace to you in your journey.

Thank you for your comment Sherri.

First of all, I have to say how disappointed I am that it is only the pro-reiki people who are commenting here. Nobody else seems to care………

Even more disappointing is the fact that none of the pro-reiki people who do comment really seem to have read my post properly and really taken on board the experiences I mention in this blog……

So, Sherri……. you say that “It is often difficult for us to understand things that are outside of our own experiences, and easy to be fearful of things outside of our comfort zone!”. I agree with your comment wholeheartedly. But this is not in any way outside of my own experience! I went through the reiki 1 attunements, so cannot be accused of not trying this for myself! When you “suggest that anyone who feels drawn to try Reiki do so, to know for themselves rather than just reading in fear”, I say that this is exactly what I have done!

I understand fully that you genuinely and sincerely believe that reiki comes from God. So did my sister-in-law. But how can you know for certain that the ‘power’ comes from God? If it really does, how come God is never mentioned anywhere in the attunement ceremony? How come that anyone, however anti-God their beliefs and life-styles are, can become a reki practitioner? Read the bible and you will see that God expects us to place Him always at the centre of our lives. Only through Him can we find salvation. Would He really give something like reiki, which according to you is a sacred thing, to somebody who hates him? Would he ignore his churches and give it through other means? I don’t think so!

You have not mentioned my husband’s experience at all; you have totally ignored it – but it is a crucial part of this website. I wonder if you even really bothered to read it! Try to put yourself in my husband’s position and imagine how you would feel if you had seen an absolutely terrifying image of Jesus suffering during your attunement. You might deny it, but I think it very unlikely you would still believe that reiki is this lovely thing you want to believe it is.

That’s at the crux of this problem really. We all tend to believe what we want to believe….. you are probably thinking the same thing about me, whilst denying any possibility that you are doing the same thing. I know that, with my sister-in-law, she had placed so much faith in reiki – indeed, built her life around it – that there was no way she could ever have admitted to herself that it might even be a little bit wrong! That’s another thing about us humans…… we never like to face the possibility that something we have placed all our hope and trust in could be wrong after all!

I agree that we should be doing what Jesus has told us to do. I believe that God is love and that He can, if He so wishes, heal us of anything He likes to. I believe that people are still being healed today, but through prayer and faith……. not through reiki! Remember that the devil is very clever and cunning and he can make something seem good and as if it comes from God, even though it is really not good at all.

I do recognise and respect though that many reiki practitioners do honestly and sincerely believe that reiki does come from God. All I am asking on this blog is that they pause a while and really question things a little more closely. And, to any other reiki advocates reading this blog – your comments are always welcome, but please do not totally ignore the experiences that my husband and I went through and treat me as if I know nothing at all about reiki!

May God bless you all.



  1. Bob says:

    Come on guys…seriously? Reiki is evil? Witchcraft? What is this the middle ages? It sounds to me like there was a deeply buried seed of dogma you were never quite ready to get rid of. I will bet that if any of you went back and studied any of the early Christian texts, you would be very uncomfortable with them. The fact of the matter is that the Catholic church has always denounced anything it cant understand or control. And as for “God’s churches”… If they are God’s, then why aren’t they unified? And before anyone starts with the whole “true church” thing… Let’s be honest with ourselves. There is no true church. Once again flesh has gotten in the way of our higher understanding. Those who follow religious dogma that have absolutely NO roots in early christianity and call reiki witchcraft are being duplicitous. I am a christian, a reiki master, and plan on being an ordained christian minister some day. Any comments?

  2. seekeruk says:

    Thanks to both Jacqueline and Annie for your comments. Sorry Jacqueline for not answering yours at the time…… life has been a bit crazy for the past few months!

    I really appreciate that you have taken the time and trouble to back up my viewpoint. It is very interesting that you were both reiki masters and that you have independently come to realize that reiki is not good. I only wish that my sister-in-law had also been able to reach that conclusion before her death.

    Thanks again to you both. It is only if people like you contribute to this blog in the way that you have done that we can even hope to begin to convince more people that reiki really is not the wonderful thing it is made out to be.

  3. Annie says:

    First let me tell you that no, you are not alone in your quest for warning people of all denominations that Reiki is dangerous and evil.
    I am a catholic physician and I thought that Reiki was a good option for my patients. So I got the 3 levels and started to see amazing recoveries that many would call “miracles”. But they are not. All of my patients, after a while, came back the same or even worst than before physically and mentally. Literally their lives took a turn for the worst. I was very concerned about this for the first 2 years but could not find a logical or scientific explanation for it. So I started to go deeper into the New Age thing trying to find more about Reiki because I thought that something was missing from my original course. While all these was happening in my professional life, in my private life everything started to go down hill too. Nothing was coming out the way it was suppose to be. Plans and projects dissolved right when they where starting. Relationships went sour, etc. But I still didn’t see it, the EVIL, even though God send me many warnings. The very first one: during the first class, the teacher said that making the sign of the cross was BAD, because it was a controlling mechanism (those where his exact words). The second was when he said that he didn’t like to work after 3 pm because he saw “dark spirits”. And the final one: he couldn’t stand the sight of a rosary or a priest dressed up for giving Last Rites. He was possessed. All these warning signs happened in the first 6 weeks. Alarm bells went off in my head when they happened by I CHOOSE NOT TO LISTEN.
    For 8 years I continued to be a Reiki Master and going deeper into the Occult until I touched bottom in March of 2009 when my life just finally seemed to implode. And then God called me as He never had called me before. My life-saver? The Virgin Mary. She is the one to call for when the Devil attacks. She is the first line of defence so to speak of. And she never fails to respond.
    I am still recovering from all this and probably will spend the rest of my life doing it because once your soul is touched by the Devil in such an intimate way, you carry the scars even though the would heals.
    My personal conclusion is that my downfall was my pride. Yes, pride. The ultimate sin, the one that was the downfall of Satan and the First Fathers and the very one that Jesus came to rescue us from with the Cross. All these people that are pro-Reiki are full of pride. Let us pray for them because they are in grave danger of losing their souls. They are hostages to the Devil in so many subtle ways that only God with the special intercession of the Virgin Mary can save them; granting them the grace of seeing and the virtue of humility. Nothing else will. The worst part of all this: that the Devil is deceiving nuns and priests as well with this Reiki “philosophy”. We must not let ourselves be fooled with the nonsense that Reiki is a god-given gift. No, it is not. It is given by the Devil and the price you pay for it is your soul, your IMMORTAL soul.
    Wake up all of you pro-Reiki people out there. It’s a deception of the Devil. You are making a demonic pact the moment you agree and permit the attunements.

    I urge all of you anti-Reiki people who read this, to pray to the Virgin for these souls and make special sacrifices for their deliverance. Lets unite in prayer as the Lord teaches. Amen.

  4. Jacqueline says:

    I was a Reiki Master in 5 different systems. I received my last master initiation in Karuna Reiki from Sis. Anne Winters at Ursuline College in 2005. Overall, I have had at least 10 years experience with Reiki. I’ve taught it, written a small book and practiced it as well. I was also adept or at the very least conversant in other occultic arts i.e., astrology, yoga, Tai Chi, pranic healing, crystals, eastern systems of meditation, etc…I mention this merely to establish my occult credentials here..

    I had to respond to a previous comment that Reiki is a loving, healing energy. It is not. It may present itself as gentle and healing…initially. I saw beautiful colors and felt this wonderful relaxing warmth when I was first initiated. By 2005, I was trying to put the genie back into the bottle.

    If one were to look for the word “Reiki” in the Bible one would not find it. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that Reiki is witchcraft. It’s sorcery. It’s magic. It’s all there…the invocation to Reiki energy…the abracadabra Reiki symbols. If you look at the picture of Sis. Teresa, she looks like she’s performing some kind of ritual magic..

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