Michelle has sent me an email telling me about her experiences with reiki: how she was attuned to practice it herself, but has now come to believe that it is not compatible with her Christian faith. Please take a look at her site: – THE REIKI TRUTH.


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  1. christabel says:

    My sister told me that her son-in-law’s mother was going to do reiki and when I became upset my sister told me to stop talking about it to her and instead write to the lady in question. This is what I am writing to her. I thought I would share it with you.

    My cousin became a reiki master. We were talking about evil spirits and she said that as a reiki master she did not mind evil spirits using her. She told me that she often allowed them to “ride on her back” until she reached the next level. Over the following year her conversation became bizarre and peppered with obscenities.

    My friend M, says many, many Rosaries and is often called upon to pray for people, more often than not the prayer is answered. Her friends all comment on her beautiful face which we recognise as purity and grace. Her conversation is always uplifting and full of references to Our Blessed Mother, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Holy God and His angels. It is a joy to be in her company.
    It was after midnight In November 2009, she received a call from her 20 year old daughter entreating her to come immediately, to a house in a local village. Her daughter told her to bring people who could pray and begged her to hurry. When M arrived at the house with two others; her daughter and a number of young women rushed past them out of the house. Her daughter stopped only long enough to say, “Honestly mum there are no drugs or alcohol involved. Please help S.” M knew that S had recently become a reiki master and had just thought, “silly young woman, it’s just mumo-jumbo.” But she and her companions got the scare of their lives when they entered the sitting room and saw S, completely naked on all fours on top of the table. S raised her head, looked at them balefully and let out a blood curling scream. M said the three of them turned and were pushing each other to get back out the door. Then S fell off the table and M felt compassion for her. M walked into the middle of the room set up a small statue of Our Lady she had brought, sprinkled the room with Lourdes water and knelt down and began the Rosary. Her companions followed suit. During the fifteen decades S ran around the room making strange noises and trying to act like a urinating dog. Only on the fifteenth decade: Our Lady Crowned Queen of Heaven, did S return to normal. Sheepishly she gathered up some of her clothes and put them on. When the Rosary was finished M stayed with S while her two companions went into the kitchen to make tea. S was quiet sitting opposite M. Then in a low menacing voice she said. “Look at the ugly old face of her and she thinks she is so holy too!”
    thank you and God bless.

  2. Sergio says:

    En primer lugar aclaro soy catòlico, mi actual pareja (5 años) somos concubinos, ultimamente y esto data de hace aproximadamente 1 año concurre a un Centro Holìstico Prama. En primera instancia comenzò como “paciente” pero en determinado momento me hablaba para que yo concurriera porque estaba mal animicamente y necesitaba de la fuerza del reiki, no me dejè meter en la cabeza esa explicaciòn porque quien me ayuò, me ayuda y me ayudarà es el Señor. Fuì una vez simplemente para ver donde iba mi concubina y quienes eran, solamente pude ver a una sola persona nada màs, lamentable como juegan con con todo.
    En estos momentos tengo muy serias discusiones con mi concubina porque ya no solo concurre sino comenzo a ir a charlas y ahora esta realizando un curso de reflexologia, que le cobran $ 2500 a pafar en cuotas, ya ha realizada talleres de protecciòn hermètica le cobraron $ 500, taller de magia con piedras, le cobraron $ 500, charla del cordòn de plara $ 200.
    Son discusiones fuertes y estoy necesitando alguien que me ayude para ver que puedeo hacer, lo mas sensato creo que es la separaciòn entre nosotros, pero es mi deseo intentar abrir los ojos de ella, le quita horas a la pareja, de los cursos o sesiones viene sobre la 22 horas 2 veces por semanas. Acá en casa me llena prende insiensos, escuha musica reiki, trae piedras y las coloca en canastos pequeños, estoy como loco no aguanto mas esta situaciòn.
    Por favor alguien puede ayudarme, Gracias

    • seekeruk says:

      Sorry, I do not understand Spanish. If anyone could translate I would be would be very grateful.

  3. Gabriel says:

    it seems a lot of research went into http://www.scribd.com/doc/27930647/Jesus-Christ-Reiki-Occult-and-New-Age although it might be one sided, worth looking at though…

  4. Marie Tsikopoulou says:

    I thought it was my imagination for a while but I have to admit now that that Riki is a blend of energies coming from suspect forces. You cannot control what energies are coming from (naive thinking) when there are so many people involved along the chain. Think about it for a minute. The “master” passes on a symbol from somebody else that you didn’t even personally know. Once you have it, it influences/ permeates your energy spheres in ways we don’t yet fully understand. Passing a symbol on in this fashion is a lot like chain rule in math, with each passing, there is transformation. What kind of changes are there (don’t know exactly and from where). I felt SICK to my stomach when I received my USUI 1st attunement. The “master” even had a negative opinion of me and told me what this was ONLY AFTER I finished her class. Stunned, I chose to stop this Reiki 2. What was going on here? This was a negative woman. People advised me to go to another (master). I refused. Instead, I joined a Forum of Reiki Practitioners online. Everything was okay for a couple of weeks and then … POOF, out of the blue, one by one they started to join together, attacking my opinions AS SOON as I mentioned these WORDS= “Higher Consciousness”. These 2 words, irritated some of the members who began attacking my “opinions” eventually to attack me as a person! All because I mentioned “higher consciousness”. “Universal God”. That’s where the source of healing was coming from. These people are HYPOCRITES. Because if they truly believe that all energy belongs to GOD, why get “offended” to such a hostile degree?? (They don’t even know why themselves). Hey, look, there is ONLY ONE JESUS CHRIST. End of story.
    I must admit that I have become attuned to one other Meditation-based form since then (but only for my own personal purposes to increase my levels of concentration/ breathing). Definitely NOT to go around “healing people”. I DO NOT worship idols, strictly forbidden by GOD. There IS NO alter in my home. I have a Cross over my front door, an icon of Michael the Archangel over my back door and an icon of St. Francis of Assisi over where the beds of my pets are. I don’t bow down to these items, they are only reminders for me. REIKI is not from God, it’s from Man (and man is unclean, especially in our times). Sorry, but I had to tell the truth. MAY THE ONE TRUE GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  5. Sarah says:

    Is there any chance that the reason you had a bad experience is because the practitioner performing the ritual was practicing a new age version? According to my research, the original version of reiki was intended to be non-religious, but in recent times, particularly in the west, there have been a lot of “add-ons” to reiki, that are definitely religiously based, including traditions from buddhism, new age practices, etc. If someone receives the attunement from a Christian, prays for protection, as you did, before their attunement, and uses Christian symbols and words during their reiki, and prays only to God/Jesus/the Holy Ghost during their reiki, then I would imagine that either nothing would happen (if it wasn’t from God) or only good would happen.

    If the person you were receiving the attunement was using “spirit guides” or other non-Christian stuff (either publicly or silently, without you knowing), then that would explain your experiences, but not necessarily mean that plain old reiki or reiki done from a Christian perspective is bad. That would also explain the feelings your daughter was having when the priest was “undoing” what was done…because regardless of whether traditional reiki or “Christian reiki” is right, obviously there was a problem with your specific experience.

    Just my thoughts.

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