On the 25th April, Fr Patrick (or Padraig) Joseph Leonard left the following response to my post on ‘Christians Who Practise Reiki’: –

Dear friend, I respect your opinion about REIKI and sympathise with you on the suffering caused by him, but involvement with satanism causes very grave psychological problems which REIKI does not pretend to heal. The Catholic Church has exorcists who deal with this. Also REIKI healing depends on the will of God, not on the REIKI practitioner. I suggest that you read my book ¨REIKI for Christians¨ as described in the site above. The preface was written by a well respected Catholic Bishop. It may be acquired from angela@the healing Sincerely. Fr.Patrick Leonard

Father Leonard is evidently a Catholic priest and a member of the Holy Ghost Congregation with 43 years missionary experience of working in Brazil. He was introduced to reiki through his work at the Health Education Institute of Itajuba in Brazil. He has written a book entitled ‘REIKI FOR CHRISTIANS‘, the preface of which was written by Dom Irineu Danelon (Bishop of Lins in Brazil, Coordinator of Sobriety Pastoral, a member of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil and known well by the current pope).

Father Leonard, I do not understand some of what you say in your message. For one thing, you seem to think I have been involved in satanism in some way; you are definitely wrong there!

I was very surprised to find a Catholic priest and a well-known bishop endorsing reiki. Father Leonard, how do you know that reiki is from God? Who told you? You won’t find that in the bible, or in any of the Church’s teachings. How do you know exactly what happens during an attunement? I prayed during my attunement and I believe that my prayers actually prevented me from being attuned: why would that be so, if reiki really is from God?

It is so easy to forget what a clever deceiver satan is and how he can sometimes hide his works as being something good. We like to think that something like reiki is from God, so we convince ourselves that it is, with nothing to back our beliefs up.

As A Catholic priest, Father Leonard, you are privileged…… you are given special gifts, you hold Jesus in your hands. When you have Jesus – who still heals today – why would you need reiki? To a Christian, Jesus should be all we need, all we will ever need. Why are we never satisfied, why do we look elsewhere for something more, when we already have everything?

I wish you peace.


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