On September 1, 2011 at 8:24 pm Bob said:

Come on guys…seriously? Reiki is evil? Witchcraft? What is this the middle ages? It sounds to me like there was a deeply buried seed of dogma you were never quite ready to get rid of. I will bet that if any of you went back and studied any of the early Christian texts, you would be very uncomfortable with them. The fact of the matter is that the Catholic church has always denounced anything it cant understand or control. And as for “God’s churches”… If they are God’s, then why aren’t they unified? And before anyone starts with the whole “true church” thing… Let’s be honest with ourselves. There is no true church. Once again flesh has gotten in the way of our higher understanding. Those who follow religious dogma that have absolutely NO roots in early christianity and call reiki witchcraft are being duplicitous. I am a christian, a reiki master, and plan on being an ordained christian minister some day. Any comments?


I have said it before and I will say it one more time……. This site is not meant for people who are already diehard devotees of reiki. There are literally thousands of websites out there extolling the virtues of reiki, but very few anti-reiki sites.

This site is aimed at Christians who are considering becoming involved in reiki and are wanting to know whether or not it is compatible with their Christian beliefs. Having read both points of view they are then, of course, perfectly free to make up their own minds. This is my site……. and I am entitled to put my own views and experiences on it.

I would add that I do not visit pro-reiki sites telling them how misguided their views are. I respect that there are many people who practise reiki sincerely believing that there is nothing wrong with it. I respect their right to do so unharrassed by those of us who – equally sincerely – are convinced it is wrong. I have noticed though that many of the pro-reiki people who come here do not treat my views with the same respect. Surely, any person calling themselves a Christian should, at all times, have only love and respect for others in their hearts?

Sadly, it is very true that Christian churches are divided. Commenters here do not assist the cause towards improving on that situation by ridiculing other faiths, whether Catholic or otherwise. Only by loving and understanding each other will any degree of unity ever be achieved.

One final word…… I do understand that it is difficult for any Christian devotee of reiki to even begin to acknowledge it might be wrong. When they see such words as ‘witchcraft’ and ‘evil’ used about reiki, I guess they are bound to act angrily, thinking we are all crazy nutcases who are talking a load of old-fashioned nonsense! All I can do is ask them to try to get beyond that, to pray and ask God to help them to discern what is the truth. I also draw to their attention the comment by an exorcist which I have made a separate post about today, just before doing this one. If anybody at all should know whether the words ‘witchcraft’ and ‘evil’ have any connection at all to the practice of reiki, then I guess it should be him!

I am not going to make a habit of replying to pro-reiki posts: I have said all that needs to be said now. By all means read whatever you want on here and comment if you have to – but please, only do so with love and respect in your hearts!



  1. Solano says:

    Apesar de não ser um assunto de domínio geral, a prática da imposição de mãos é
    considerada como “rudimento” em termos doutrinários, como lemos em Hb.6:1.
    Juntamente com outros temais tais como: batismos, arrependimento, ressurreição e juízo
    eterno, seu conceito é apontado como noção básica para o entendimento de mistérios e
    outros temas de difícil interpretação.
    No entanto, o fato de ser considerada “rudimentar”, não a desmerece em relação a outras
    doutrinas bíblicas; antes, classifica-a como requisito “elementar” dentre os fundamentos e
    alicerces doutrinários no contexto da Palavra de Deus.
    Jesus impunha as mãos sobre crianças para abençoá-las, como diz Mt.19:13 a 15. Ele disse
    que aqueles que nele cressem haveriam de impor suas mãos sobre os enfermos e eles
    seriam curados (Mc.16:17 e 18). Portanto, dentre outros sinais que caracterizam os
    verdadeiros cristãos, está a cura de enfermidades por meio da imposição de mãos em nome
    de Jesus Cristo.

  2. Bob says:

    Of course it is your site and of course you the right to post your opinions on it without being…. “harrassed”? Please try to remember that the internet is an open forum. If you do not want opposing views then perhaps you should stick to a more private forum. If you are going to use the “praying for salvation” line, then what you are really saying is that I am condemned if I do not stop practicing reiki… Right? Anyone who is going to use a public forum like the internet to spew such holier than thou sentiments is going to get an ear full from me. I just love when people use God’s name to judge others … And then they turn around and say they are doing it with love.

    I keep hearing how reiki is in direct contradiction to what the church teaches. Educate me… What teaching would that be? I am begging anyone with knowledge to come forth and tell me what teaching is contradicted.

    With all due love and respect to the exorcist… I would have to say that it is completely unfair to lay the blame for your subject’s problems squarely on reiki. We both deal with matters of the soul and things often unseen. Just as anyone seeking to discredit my practice can produce an exorcist, I can produce just as many detractors to discredit an exorcist.

    An “anti-reiki” site is not productive. If you want to promote love and peace in the world then by all means… Promote it… I stand with you.

    When asked if she would attend an anti-war rally, Mother Theresa responded no. She added that when there is a peace rally, she would gladly attend.

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