I am sorry but I have neglected this blog a bit recently, due to other problems rather taking me over! I have however been intending to draw your attention to a comment from somebody who describes himself as a Diocesan Exorcist. You might not believe what I have written about my own family’s experiences – and indeed, I do not claim to be an expert – but this guy certainly is!

On October 5, 2010 at 3:18 pm Fr. John Abberton said:

I have just discovered your site. I am a diocesan exorcist and I can tell you (after 11 years experience and attending conferences with other Catholic exorcists) that reiki is extremely dangerous. I am at the moment involved in trying to help someone who has caused havoc in her family through her involvement in this (she is a “reiki master”) she is seriously disturbed now with hearing voices and being attacked by evil spirits. I do not know of any Catholic exorcist who has anything but negative comments to make about reiki. Apart from that, as you know, the philosophy (if we can call it that) is in direct contradiction to Catholic teaching. It is based on a false understanding of the human person which means that from the foundation up it is based on lies. Priests who endorse it need a good shake up and should be ashamed of themselves for leading people into error. I would urge anyone involved in this to stop it immediately.

Fr. John Abberton