I believe that reiki is wrong…… not because some poor, misguided, religious despots have told me to believe that, but because of my family’s own experiences. My husband’s experience was very frightening for him, although I am sure many pro-reiki people reading about it would just say he was imagining it because he was afraid! My own experience though was of being calm, but having the whole ‘thing’ that was happening to me stopped, just because I said “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” quietly and calmly in my head. That is why I am convinced it is not right……

The recent commenter who accuses me of a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude is wrong. I have respect for most followers of reiki, as I am sure they genuinely believe it is right. How could I think otherwise, as I myself believed it was okay for a while, I myself went through the ‘attunements’?

I do not intend to continue to respond to pro-reiki comments on here. I am a simple housewife; I have no skills at all when it comes to arguing the finer theological points concerning reiki. All I wanted to do on here was to give my own story (which is exactly as it happened) and to list some sites which will hopefully impart more information to anyone inquiring about why reiki is wrong. I repeat that I believe that reiki is wrong because of my own experiences. My belief is sincere, but I do not wish to force my opinion on anybody else. You either believe my experiences, or believe that I have made it all up. If you want to participate in a more detailed argument about the rights and wrongs of reiki, please contact the owners of the sites in my ‘links’ list: hopefully, they will be able to argue their case far better than I ever could.

I leave you with a few final thoughts….. When somebody goes through those ‘attunements’ to become a reiki healer, a big change comes over them. They suddenly acquire some strange, magical ‘power’ that enables them to heal. If you are present at such a ceremony, you will no doubt see somebody having to run off and vomit, so big is the change that comes over them. Where does this ‘power’ come from? Throughout the bible, God generally makes it crystal clear that anything imparted from Him to a human is unmistakably from Him. With reiki, the ‘power’ is imparted by having some strange, secret symbols traced over the head of the person being ‘attuned’!

I myself do not pretend to be able to prove to anyone that reiki is wrong: but if there is any doubt at all about where the ‘power’ behind it comes from then I personally would prefer not to take the risk. Dabbling in stuff you do not understand can be extremely dangerous…….



  1. Paddie Williams says:

    I too fell victim to Reiki and got an attunement. I was a Christian. After the attunement I seemed to have a very strong healing power, but only too soon I realized it was not of God. One thing that happened was that I assumed a feeling in my body that I was like a bionic man….full of superhuman strength…and I had a buzzing or vibrating feeling going on all over my body 24 hours a day, which creeped me out very much! Then I had a dream of Jesus telling me this was wrong! I was in fear for about 2 years that I had lost my salvation by grieving the Holy Spirit, until I studied scripture and realized this was only a scare from the devil. But after much deliverance prayer the symptoms all left my body. I realize now that if we want healing power, we need to go to God, not to Reiki masters. We are not to call any man master. Only God. Please, I warn you, do not ever do this Reiki thing because it will cause you so much trauma and grief. You will regret it!

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