A recent commenter tells me they think my blog is sad! What I actually think is sad is when a Catholic finds their faith is not enough for them and has to turn to something like reiki!

I totally agree that there are many paths to God, but I do not see that anyone who truly believes in the Catholic church can think that is okay to practise reiki. I most certainly believe that God still heals today, just as He always  has done, but you know that when Jesus healed he always made it clear that God has to be at the heart of any healing and that belief in Him is all-important, far more important than the physical healing. You can experience reiki – either as a healer or as the one wanting to being healed – without ever hearing the word God and I doubt that there have been very many people who have been converted to be a believer in God through reiki! I know that there is not enough attention given to healing in the church today, but there are still many healing services and there are still many people being healed.

I go back again to the reiki attunement ceremony. As far as the experiences of myself and my husband go, then maybe you believe we either made them up or imagined them. If that is the case, then okay. But if you do believe I am telling the truth, then all I ask is that you just stop and think about what happened to us and how you would have felt had it happened to you. If God is truly behind reiki, why give my husband such a terrifying experience without comforting him in any way? Likewise, with my experience …….. anyone who is a Catholic will  know how powerful the name of Jesus is? Why is it, if reiki is ‘from God’ that just saying the name of Jesus stopped the whole process? If reiki is ‘from God’, then without doubt saying the name of Jesus should have intensified the process, not brought it to such an abrupt end! Surely, that is just common sense?

I hate that phrase that keeps coming out ‘reiki is not a faith’.  Okay, it is not a faith in that you are not required to believe in any kind of god or higher being. You are however required to believe in the hidden forces which, during the reiki attunements, immediately give the person being attuned amazing powers to be able to heal.  Nobody actually says who or what those forces are, it is hidden – which is why some people make the mistake of assuming that they must be to do with God. The devil is, unfortunately, very clever: he loves nothing better than to fool people into thinking that something is from God when it acually is not in any way from Him.

The really sad thing about the latest comment on this blog is the fact that the lady has obviously been very influenced by the many nuns and maybe some priests who have talked themselves into believing that reiki is okay (I myself have only heard, through this blog, of one priest who practises reiki, but no doubt there are more). I guess that, like the priest in my story, they just think that ‘anything to do with healing must be okay’ and do not go into it any further than that. One think is sure, any priest or nun who is dedicated to loyally following the teachings of their church would not take up reiki. No way is it in accordance with the teaching of the church! These people have a lot to answer for, because they hold a big responsibility in leading people like my commenter to follow their examples.