I have said previously on this blog that Jesus still heals today….. but is this really so? There are a few healings associated with religious shrines, or connected to various saints, but that is something we do not get to hear about very often. In the Catholic church,  healing services are held more frequently these days than when I was a child and usually include the priest going round and giving the ‘Sacrament of the sick’.  Sometimes, you have to state that you are really sick to receive this.  Yet, do we not all need healing in some way? I knew of a priest (now a very old man’) who held healing services, but I rather got the idea that he was tolerated by the Catholic church, rather than embraced by it.

In Pentecostal churches, healings apparently occur more often and are associated with the ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ such as ‘Speaking in tongues’ etc. This has spread over into the Catholic church more these days, with the Charismatics doing much the same as the Pentecostals, including laying claim to many healings and also ‘Speaking in tongues’. I do not really know what to think about all this…….. I have heard Catholics who are very, very against the Charismatic movement. It is often hard to know what to beieve.  One thing is sure though….. there is a hunger for both spiritual and physical healing. People read in the bible how Jesus told the apostles to carry on the healing he had done and they wonder why more emphasis is not put on it today. They then turn to therapies such as reiki: in fact, I have seen it said that reiki is actually just that, a continuation of the healing of Jesus. I myself am uncertain about the Charistmatic movement in the Catholic church: I have no idea whether the people who rubbish it are right or not.   For this reason, I found a book I read recently by somebody called Francis MacNutt extrememely interesting.

Francis MacNutt is a Catholic who is involved in the Charismatic movement. After I read the book, I discovered that he used to be a Catholic priest, although sadly he left the priesthood and got married – something which understandably earned him a lot of criticism from other Charismatics. He now runs a healing ministry called  Christian Healing Ministeries with his wife Judith. The book I read though is called ‘The Prayer That Heals: Praying For Healing In The Family’ and its purpose is to encourage us all to pray regularly for healing with our friends and family. To read a book like that by (as I thought at the time) a Catholic priest was amazing – and I was really quite disappointed to learn, after finishing the book, that he  has left the priesthood.  Nevertheless, his faith in the fact that God does indeed heal – and heal very regularly – when we pray for somebody in this way is obviously very strong indeed. If you are interested in Christian healing, I suggest you read this book.

I have very little experience of praying for healing in the way Francis suggests: as he says in the book, people are usually shy and embarrased about praying with each other.  My only experience (and this might sound silly) is of praying for our very old dog when he was alive (he died last summer). It is a long story and I will not go into it here, but he came to us in the first place very much as the answer to a prayer – the most direct answer to a prayer I have ever had – and we always considered him to be a bit of a miracle dog, so praying for him did not seem strange. I used to lie down on the floor with him, place my hands on him and pray for him. He survived two or three strokes, one particular one we came back home to discover him almost dead.  On that occasion, when I prayed for him I saw him visibly improve.  So, what Francis MacNutt writes about is not so strange to me. He tells that healings happen often, that bones re-grow, cancers disappear. Interesting stuff!

Of course, in the Catholic church, we are taught that putting up patiently with suffering  is good, that suffering has a value. Many of the saints suffered, some even asked God if they could suffer more! Undoubtedly, we have to be ready to accept the will of God, whatever it might be. Jesus though did heal, and he told his disciples to carry on his healing works…..

It is all confusing, but there is one thing I am sure about ……. I think it would be far better to follow Francis MacNutt’s advice than to get involved in something as suspect as reiki!



  1. Judy G says:

    Over the course of the last 15 years or so, I delved into a lot of things, Reiki included. Over about a 3 year period, I went through Reiki I, Reiki II, Master, and then Teacher levels. Each time, I would have to take time off, because right after completing that level, I would feel an aversion to doing Reiki, but each time, I would feel called back to it. I taught a few classes, did lots of free sessions for people, never charged for the sessions though. My family will ask me to send distant Reiki, and they do believe it helps them. Recently, I have begun to feel uneasy about it again, and I have begun a journey back to Christianity. Over the years I have added more and more things to what I was involved in. It started with Reiki, but then I added in Wicca, New Age ideas, reading about Near Death Experiences, and doing a lot of chakra work and imagination work. All of this ruined my marriage. It turned me into a different person. My ex-catholic husband was disturbed by a lot of it, and I finally threw him out of the house and filed for divorce. He never really left me though, and we are trying to piece a relationship back together. I believe with all my heart that God has opened my eyes about what I was doing, and how exactly I got there. I will tell you that my experience of Reiki seemed to be positive, but there were things I learned, such as special symbols (and not the ones that you learn as a Reiki practitioner), that made me leery. Why does it need special symbols anyway? What exactly do they mean? One of them, the Nin Gizida, is actually a symbol of a Egyptian god or goddess I think. I felt uneasy about that. During this whole time, I have never completely let go of the hand of Jesus.. He was always there… right there. And now I feel like I have been asleep for 15 years! I don’t know why I did all of that, why I wasted so much time looking for answers in all of that occult stuff. There are NO ANSWERS THERE. It is an endless ball of twine that you can unravel and unravel, and never get to the end of it. Spirit guides, ancient Pre-Christian religious beliefs, spells, tarot cards, divination, automatic writing, spirit communication, angelic communication, Reiki, crystals, incense, using aromatic herbs such as cedar and white sage to “clear” the energy in a room… all of it is just a big ball of twine that gets you more and more frustrated as there is really no answers in any of it. Jesus has answers. and His answers are the same today as they are forever and forever. There is only one real healer, and it is not me.

  2. Margaret Waterman says:

    About healing today: In 2009 a biopsy confirmed Membranous Nephropathy (caused by Nephrotic Syndrome.) My Nephrologist (or kidney doctor) put me on a drug regimen to abate some of the symptoms, but said that it is common for this disease to last for many years, even for the rest of your life although it is possible to have a remission. In the worst case scenario, kidney transplant might be the only option. So, for more than two years I have gotten used to routine tests and constant adjusting of medications to try to control my symptoms. I have dealt with fatigue the entire time, and was grateful to a wonderful husband who pitches in, often doing the dishes, cleaning the house and cooking when I was too tired.
    Then in January of 2011 my family had quite a scare. I almost died. When I got home from the hospital and had a chance to reflect, I realized that I had not trusted God as I should. I was praying, I was pleading, but I had not really listened to His voice. He said “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” I just wanted answers to prayers on my own terms. I wanted God to fix everything.
    Sometimes it is not His will to simply fix things when we pray. He wants relationship! As I study the scriptures and pray God has been gradually teaching me so much about Himself. I’ve learned that God will not have paid lovers. He wants to know that we will still love him even if we do not receive what we ask for. (Job – “though He slays me yet will I trust Him”) (Paul – three times I prayed “take the thorn away” and God’s answer was, “My grace is enough for thee”)
    A few weeks prior I changed the way I had been praying. I stopped asking for healing and started thanking Him for everything – and I mean everything – the big things and the little things. “Lord, thank you for my kidney disease” “Lord thank you for this bronchitis you gave me” Here’s the KICKER: I meant it. I remember even on days when I was having a particularly bad time – I remember looking up to heaven and saying “OK Lord, fine – bring it on! I’m still going to thank you” and I was smiling – grinning from ear to ear. I was feeling overwhelming love for my Father. It seemed as though nothing on earth could make me love him less and it felt wonderful to realize that.
    The next routine tests were done right before my husband and I left on a recent trip. When I got back, I wasn’t particularly in a rush to get the results. They were always the same; but not this time.
    The results of my tests this time were not merely normal, but WAY into the normal ranges. (From 5,000 units of protein to 131 normal being under 150) I started believing even before confirmation, though. I remember I stopped taking all those pills. What had been drastically high levels were now drastically low – the results any person would love to have from their doctor. He said these can’t be your results – but sure enough, there was my date of birth to prove it was my result. I asked him if remission was ever that drastic – like shouldn’t those numbers have improved gradually – rather that from one test to the next? He admitted he couldn’t explain it – that’s when I told him that although I realize he is a man of science, I needed to let him know – it was God – God had answered my prayer. God had healed me in a real dynamic and measurable, provable way. I was a walking breathing miracle. Dr. Kaupke said he would have to agree since he could provide no scientific explanation. I feel terrific now and my energy is back for all these years and counting. God is so good – we need to remember to trust Him and thank Him no matter what. Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

  3. Robin Martin says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your witness. I went through Reiki 1 and 2, but, have always felt uneasy about it. I was searching for something for many years……i don’t have to search anymore, as Jesus was who I was searching for. He was there all along. While I haven’t practice reiki in years and even when i was attuned, i didn’t practice it, I do feel the need to talk to my pastor about it. I guess because i still think about it and i don’t want to anymore. I know when I went through the attunement, i felt……wrong. Now I know why. So, thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  4. Reiki is an earthly name to a truly spiritual matter. As a young person I used reiki without even knowing I was doing it. It destroyed me. I was the healer not the one being healed. and it worked. But without God’s help I was destroyed. Now, as a believer, I know that the reiki is something Jesus regularly did. He didnt go around saying “im gonna heal you with reiki.” He did however heal people while they injested nothing. the unseen world can be and is so, so dangerous. Anyone delving into it needs lots of God, lots of fellowship, lots of Bible study. Lots of spiritual maturity. Lots of prayer support. Believe, and you will be healed.

    • seekeruk says:

      Jesus healed solely through invoking the power of his Father.

      Reiki is a different thing completely from the healing which Jesus gave. I am not sure whether you yourself have ever had an attunement to enable you to practice reiki, but the symbols used in the ceremony most do not have their origins in Christianity. God is never mentioned at all during the initiation process and the power to heal which is imparted during it most definitely does not come from God.

      Please read

  5. John says:

    Very interesting, May I suggest a little booklet I picked up recently entitled ”Learn to Discern ; Is it Christian or New Age?….Energy Medicine….Reiki. produced by Susan Brinkmann and available from

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