Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am no longer able to maintain this blog and comments will no longer be accepted on any of the posts.

I wish to leave you by re-emphasising my belief that reiki is anti-Christian and dangerous – but that Jesus still heals today.

Will all Christian readers please keep me and my family in your prayers?

May God bless you all.


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  1. Thank you so much for your blog; I deeply appreciate you sharing your experience. I was doing some additional research because, though I believed reiki to be incompatible with Christianity, a Christian friend said her Christian aunt practiced it, etc. so I thought I had better do some additional reading on it. All I have read, here and elsewhere, simply confirms my position that this is a dangerous practice contrary to the Lord’s teaching in the Bible. May I share my own website with you, as yours has blessed me:

    Thank you again, and may the Lord bless you and your ministry.

  2. Joey says:

    Hello, I am very sorry that you had bad experiences with Reiki and also about your cancer. I just wanted to share with you my experience with Reiki. I actually received my attunement in first grade (elementary school). I attended a very alternative school as you can tell. They also served vegetarian diet, and we did yoga as well. I really don’t remember much of my attunement because I was so young, but I remember a couple of things…

    1, around the same time of me attending first grade, our dog came down with a really serious case of pneumonia. We took her to the vet and they suggested we leave her overnight because they didn’t think she would make it. I told my mom to bring her home because I wanted to heal her. I got down on the floor beside her, and with my hand on her body I fell asleep. I woke up in my bed, and the dog was sitting next to me, wagging her tail. She was still really weak when she had to walk, but was in much better spirit. We took her back to the vet the next morning, and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. She lived a long and happy life.

    2, as I mentioned, I was in grade 1 when I took Reiki lessons. My dad used me to heal his recurring headaches. While doing Reiki, I always knew the healing energy was actually coming from God. And I didn’t grow up in a christian household. I believe as a kid my mind didn’t yet possess the negativity and doubt adults possess, therefore I was able to better understand it, and feel the connection it created between God and myself.

    I wish it could have worked out better for you. Did you actually research the “master” that performed the attunement on you? I believe a thorough understanding of the person and their history is very important going into something like this.

    Also, not sure if you have ever come across this, but it’s an actual scientific review on the effects of Reiki from a medical journal.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I received the three initiations of Reiki, and I have to say that I absolutely believed all these things of “Reiki can do no harm” “Comes from the Light” “Is Light”, and so on…OK, I don’t believe it anymore: Reiki is not only potentially harmful, but also dangerous.

    Reiki practitioners are encouraged to “send Reiki” to other people, without their permission and without their knowledge, in many situations: if you’re talking to a Reiki practitioner and he/she feels “strange”, he has been told that can safely send you a symbol and energy reiki, doing it mentally and telling you nothing. And they do it continually!!!

    Also, when a person goes, for example, to a conference talking about reiki, previously the whole room the whole building, and the chair where the person is going to sit down, have been sent reiki in spades… Can it be related to the fact of so many people feeling that they have to run from an initiation, but keeping still instead?

    Just this is enought to feel scared about the whole issue…

    But wait, here comes a “funny” thing… If you’re a Catholic but never used to go to church, and somehow start attending, any of the new-age people you have contact with, can receive clearly the message that “you have a great intuition, very Deep and powerful, but now is not guiding you. You’re blinded”. Nope, I WAS blinded, but not by Jesús. He clearly took out the blind of my eyes, so I could see what I was into.

    Time after I left Reiki, one day I remembered the people I had met in that área: suddenly, as if I had not been able to think clearl before, I realized how many of them had developed cáncer at very early age, how many of them had had big strange accidents, how many of them had died and how many of them had seen their children ill… What truly made me sad, was that I clearly realized it was nonsense on my part to contact them and talk about it… Nonsense, and potentially dangerous, because what is channelled through Reiki is brilliant, but does not come from the Light of God.

  4. miriammom says:

    Thank you for your great blog!! I’m a cancer patient who feels the same way!!! Reiki and all these New Age practices are an intrusion of religion into the medical world
    Did you know that the US Bishops issued a condemnation of Reiki? Also a group of Rabbis in Israel are concerned about these practices
    Keep up the good work

  5. Hi Seekeruk. (I’m not sure the comment button worked, so take 2). Thank you so much for posting your testimony and the truth about Reiki. I am blogging a series on the same topic. I used to practice Reiki as a Christian and came across your post at one point during that time. Eventually I had bad experiences with Reiki and gave it up. Jesus is so faithful to save! God bless!

  6. Hi Seekeruk. Thank you so much for posting your testimony and the truth about Reiki. I used to practice Reiki as a Christian and read your post once during that time. I had my own bad experiences with Reiki over time, and gave it up. Jesus is faithful to deliver us from the evil one! I am also blogging a series on Reiki and why it is not of God. God bless!

  7. pam says:

    I think all this blog proves is that people should not comment on things they have no idea about!!! your personal experiences (most of which seem to be clouded by your perseption of what Christianity should be) shouldn’t be used to sway others… make choices that are right for you an allow others to do the same.

    • seekeruk says:

      Woah! It is completely unreasonable to say that I shouldn’t be allowed to relate my experiences in case they ‘sway’ others! The internet is – and should be – a place where you find all kinds of opinions on everything under the sun. Are you saying that I should not be allowed to express my views, just because they happen to differ from yours? That’s crazy! Everyone should be allowed to give their opinions – and we should respect the views of others, even if we disagree strongly with them. Tolerance and respect are very important.

      At the end of the day, all that will matter is what God’s view on reiki (or anything else) is. Although we can do our best to prayerfully try to work out what God’s view is, until we die and get to meet Him we can never be one hundred per cent sure. So, you cannot guarantee that I am wrong – and I cannot guarantee that you are. But we both have the right to express our opinions.

      This is my site. It was created by me in all sincerity and I have the right to do and say what I like on it. You can make your own site and put your views on it any time you want to. That’s just the way it is.


      • Josh says:

        “Unhelpful comments from pro-reiki people intending to ridicule everything written here will no longer be approved.
        Thank you so much to everybody who has taken the trouble to post comments supporting my views. I do not claim to have all the answers and I really appreciate your help.” But yet you type out a large reply of how you should be allowed to speak your opinion because this is the Internet and you still go on to feed your ego by saying that tolerance and respect should be used during conversation. Did Jesus not speak of his disgust towards hipocracy?

        This is your site and I fully respect you ideas and opinions and very much enjoyed your post and appreciate the time you took to share your experience, but if you really believe in Christ and say to walk His path, then unblock the “comments from pro-reiki people” and practice sincerity.

    • Angelo Bruno says:

      Your so right. Christianity is a new word started by nepolian’s grandson when he rediscovered the papyrus of Osiris in the pyramids of giza. It did not exist as a coherent whole for 2 thousand years anymore than Catholocism ( a different religion) did , which started withThe King of france, Charlamagne. Which is why his image is used as jesus till today. While Catholocism was ironing out its problems & killing its competition….early (what would eventually be called christianity many centuries later ) -the denominations were born. Till today no one sect agrees totally with the other as these doctrines were stolen from the Jewish Rabbi’s without their religious endoresment. You see the problem here. Add to that etymology–the letter J did not exist past the last couple of hundred years. Thats right ..judism, greek, roman latin did not have the J sound. Origanally
      The jews used simpke constanents for Gods name . Yehweh or jehovah , Yevwah,etc. Came from Yahweh or Ea…
      Namely Enki the sumerian creator god. These stories are borrowed & retailored to fit the needs of the people of each 5epoch. Science & , enlightenment through hardships like disease helped to curb humandkinds thirst to kill one another. Jesus wrestled with similiar attitudes when he told the pharisees he was not healing with demons as they do not help or aid. But if demons harm & through him ( jesus) -he healed, then how would Satan profit. 2-2=0.

  8. Jean Underwood says:

    Alright, I am seeing much that seems to be written from a position of fear and some things that are not actually in the Bible. I want to cover some things that are in the Bible and mention a few things here that are accepted by the Catholic Church as part of Christianity that should not be.

    1. If you have accepted Christ as your personal savior, then you are permanently indwelt by the Holy Spirit and you are a new being. The filling of the Holy Spirit is temporary and dependent on you choosing to remain in fellowship. ‘If we confess our sins then he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness’ (1 John 1:9) Confession of sin restores the filling of the Holy Spirit. That being said, a demon cannot possess you if you are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. No created being can displace or override the Holy Spirits’ indwelling, that includes you. You can be influenced by other spirits from the outside but not possessed.

    2. We all create boundaries, some of them are healthy. When you enforce some of those boundaries, it may not always feel like you are doing the right thing. Especially, if you are not in the practice of enforcing boundaries and/or respecting the boundaries of others. Boundaries are not walls built in fear to keep the unknown out. They are a garden gate that allows you to let the good in, keep the bad out and let the bad out.

    3. Most churches seem to be lacking in the missions department despite Jesus giving us the Great Commission that we should bring the gospel to the world. God’s word has told us that he placed eternity in their hearts in terms of the world. I would recommend
    for some very valuable mission based resources. Many missionaries have found evidence in other cultures that God has given others clues or practices that later proved to be keys to opening the culture to receive Jesus Christ and the message of salvation. Don Richardson’s book “Eternity in Their Hearts” is a good place to start. “God’s Promise to the Chinese” is another good read. “One Church Many Tribes” and “A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Buddhism” are also recommended. Their are also many biographies about the lives of missionaries that are included on this site.

    4. God gives spiritual gifts through his Holy Spirit and a good way to find out what you have been given is to try some of them out. Jesus’ disciples, apostles and several members of the early church were known to have the gift of healing through the Holy Spirit. To say that this is impossible today is somewhat arrogant. God will do what he wants. For some reason, the Pastor teacher I grew up under believed that all modern day tongues were a case of demon possession because the word of God was complete. He never sufficiently backed that up with scripture. There have been cases in the mission field where Wycliffe missionaries encountered a stone age tribe for the first time, had no experience with their language, the missionaries for a time suddenly became fluent in order to prevent the tribal members from attacking and to explain why they were there. Later, they all still had to go through the process of learning the language, creating an alphabet and translating the Bible into the tribe’s new written language. Their are accounts in the Bible of early Christians speaking in the tongues of angels, with emphasis placed on there being a translator present and that they test the spirits to make sure what was said lined up with the word of God. Tongues is not the ululations of a charlatan attempting to give the appearance of being spiritual.

    5. Things that are in the church already that do not belong there:

    Images of Christ- Christ made it clear that ‘I and the Father are one’. God made it clear that we were not to make images of God. If you want a reminder of the passion of the Christ, then open your Bible and read it out of there. That is part of why the accounts are there. Respect God’s boundary and do not make images of him.

    Images of Saints- Some of those saints are old Celtic deities renamed because the catholic church could not prevent the Celts from continuing to worship their old gods after the Celts accepted Christianity. The Lady of Guadalupe is actually some old nature spirit that was revered by a tribal group native to the United States around the time that Spanish Catholic Missionaries were bringing the Catholic faith to the native populations. Straight up, these are idols.

    White Voodoo Magic practiced under the name of a Hispanic Saint who is probably also of some spirit origin like the Lady of Guadalupe. Voodoo was actually imported from Africa to Barbados that then spread to Jamaica, Central and South America. Voodoo is a form of sympathetic magic that mainly focuses on manipulating people with fear as a tool to psyche themselves into psycho-somaticaly doing themselves harm if they do not do what the voodoo practicioner wants. Voodoo is strongly associated with the practice of cursing others. As bitter waters and sweet waters can not come forth from the same spring, cursing and blessing can not come out from the same mouth.

    6. Un-christlike behavior in the church:

    Read the book of James:

    It is made quite clear that you are not to give people of wealth or influence a better place to sit than you give to the poor. We are all of the same level in God’s eyes, his redeemed Children.
    The book of James asks the question what good is the faith of a person who tells another ‘Be warm and well fed’ when they know that the other person has no way of being warm or well fed unless another member of the church helps.

    I have had personal experiences where I asked for help from different churches over the years and the only individual that was willing to help was a member who could not afford to help. In fact, she was so stretched thin trying to help others when other members were not willing to do so,that it was putting a strain on her marriage because she placed a financial strain on her own family to help those in need. I couldn’t even get included on a prayer list to receive prayer after submitting prayer requests in the offering or speaking with a pastor. I got sick of the neglect. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Sometimes, telling a fellow church member that you ‘will pray for them’ is not enough. I couldn’t even get prayer though.

    A schism created in a church over disagreements about what color the carpet or the drapes should have been when the church purchased new carpet or drapes. Really?! Really?!

    A few Christians years ago printed libel in books that were warning off fellow christians from companies supposedly involved with the New Age. The claim was made that Liz Claiborne had appeared on the Oprah show and that Liz Claiborne had said that she donated a certain percentage of all her earnings to the Satanic Church of America. Later, when a Christian called into the Oprah show to get a copy of the episode, they told that Christian that Liz Claiborne had never been on the Oprah show and there was no episode to give him. What those authors claimed never happened. Yes, their libel would have harmed Liz Claiborne’s business. My mother refused to buy anything for years that had Liz Claiborne’s label on it because of that libel. Thou shall not lie!

    A couple of things to consider here:
    Make sure that you remove the 2X4 from your own eye before trying to remove the splinter from someone else’s. You will avoid putting the other person’s eye out that way due to an amazing improvement in your own vision.
    When Christ entered the temple, he saw many things in his Father’s house that did not belong there.
    WWJD? He would cleanse the temple! Clean up your own house before you start using a white glove to check for dust in someone else’s.
    Remember, you will be judged as you judge others and forgiven as you forgive others.

  9. mary wilcox says:

    thank you so very much for your blog. I am very much in love with our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST and I desire to please Him and the only way to do that is to love his word, the holy bible, which is who He is. I have had bible studies for yrs now and the word reiki has come up from time to time and I learned that it was not of our LORD JESUS teachings. Recently, as I have sought the aid of a licensced certified health practioner, many are involved in practices such as reiki, so it made me want to more understand what reiki really is. and I see by the truth of the word of GOD, that it is another of satan”s counterfeits to mock the gifts that JESUS told his followers to use. Laying on of hands and healing is not something that is taught by attending a class or seminar, these are Holy inspired gifts given to beleivers as the maturity and sincerity develops in a believers life. I receive everything you are saying and appreciate you wanting to get GODS word out to others by sharing your experiences. GOD BLESS YOU and keep up the good work.

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