Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am no longer able to maintain this blog and comments will no longer be accepted on any of the posts.

I wish to leave you by re-emphasising my belief that reiki is anti-Christian and dangerous – but that Jesus still heals today.

Will all Christian readers please keep me and my family in your prayers?

May God bless you all.


I have said previously on this blog that Jesus still heals today….. but is this really so? There are a few healings associated with religious shrines, or connected to various saints, but that is something we do not get to hear about very often. In the Catholic church,  healing services are held more frequently these days than when I was a child and usually include the priest going round and giving the ‘Sacrament of the sick’.  Sometimes, you have to state that you are really sick to receive this.  Yet, do we not all need healing in some way? I knew of a priest (now a very old man’) who held healing services, but I rather got the idea that he was tolerated by the Catholic church, rather than embraced by it.

In Pentecostal churches, healings apparently occur more often and are associated with the ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ such as ‘Speaking in tongues’ etc. This has spread over into the Catholic church more these days, with the Charismatics doing much the same as the Pentecostals, including laying claim to many healings and also ‘Speaking in tongues’. I do not really know what to think about all this…….. I have heard Catholics who are very, very against the Charismatic movement. It is often hard to know what to beieve.  One thing is sure though….. there is a hunger for both spiritual and physical healing. People read in the bible how Jesus told the apostles to carry on the healing he had done and they wonder why more emphasis is not put on it today. They then turn to therapies such as reiki: in fact, I have seen it said that reiki is actually just that, a continuation of the healing of Jesus. I myself am uncertain about the Charistmatic movement in the Catholic church: I have no idea whether the people who rubbish it are right or not.   For this reason, I found a book I read recently by somebody called Francis MacNutt extrememely interesting.

Francis MacNutt is a Catholic who is involved in the Charismatic movement. After I read the book, I discovered that he used to be a Catholic priest, although sadly he left the priesthood and got married – something which understandably earned him a lot of criticism from other Charismatics. He now runs a healing ministry called  Christian Healing Ministeries with his wife Judith. The book I read though is called ‘The Prayer That Heals: Praying For Healing In The Family’ and its purpose is to encourage us all to pray regularly for healing with our friends and family. To read a book like that by (as I thought at the time) a Catholic priest was amazing – and I was really quite disappointed to learn, after finishing the book, that he  has left the priesthood.  Nevertheless, his faith in the fact that God does indeed heal – and heal very regularly – when we pray for somebody in this way is obviously very strong indeed. If you are interested in Christian healing, I suggest you read this book.

I have very little experience of praying for healing in the way Francis suggests: as he says in the book, people are usually shy and embarrased about praying with each other.  My only experience (and this might sound silly) is of praying for our very old dog when he was alive (he died last summer). It is a long story and I will not go into it here, but he came to us in the first place very much as the answer to a prayer – the most direct answer to a prayer I have ever had – and we always considered him to be a bit of a miracle dog, so praying for him did not seem strange. I used to lie down on the floor with him, place my hands on him and pray for him. He survived two or three strokes, one particular one we came back home to discover him almost dead.  On that occasion, when I prayed for him I saw him visibly improve.  So, what Francis MacNutt writes about is not so strange to me. He tells that healings happen often, that bones re-grow, cancers disappear. Interesting stuff!

Of course, in the Catholic church, we are taught that putting up patiently with suffering  is good, that suffering has a value. Many of the saints suffered, some even asked God if they could suffer more! Undoubtedly, we have to be ready to accept the will of God, whatever it might be. Jesus though did heal, and he told his disciples to carry on his healing works…..

It is all confusing, but there is one thing I am sure about ……. I think it would be far better to follow Francis MacNutt’s advice than to get involved in something as suspect as reiki!


A recent commenter tells me they think my blog is sad! What I actually think is sad is when a Catholic finds their faith is not enough for them and has to turn to something like reiki!

I totally agree that there are many paths to God, but I do not see that anyone who truly believes in the Catholic church can think that is okay to practise reiki. I most certainly believe that God still heals today, just as He always  has done, but you know that when Jesus healed he always made it clear that God has to be at the heart of any healing and that belief in Him is all-important, far more important than the physical healing. You can experience reiki – either as a healer or as the one wanting to being healed – without ever hearing the word God and I doubt that there have been very many people who have been converted to be a believer in God through reiki! I know that there is not enough attention given to healing in the church today, but there are still many healing services and there are still many people being healed.

I go back again to the reiki attunement ceremony. As far as the experiences of myself and my husband go, then maybe you believe we either made them up or imagined them. If that is the case, then okay. But if you do believe I am telling the truth, then all I ask is that you just stop and think about what happened to us and how you would have felt had it happened to you. If God is truly behind reiki, why give my husband such a terrifying experience without comforting him in any way? Likewise, with my experience …….. anyone who is a Catholic will  know how powerful the name of Jesus is? Why is it, if reiki is ‘from God’ that just saying the name of Jesus stopped the whole process? If reiki is ‘from God’, then without doubt saying the name of Jesus should have intensified the process, not brought it to such an abrupt end! Surely, that is just common sense?

I hate that phrase that keeps coming out ‘reiki is not a faith’.  Okay, it is not a faith in that you are not required to believe in any kind of god or higher being. You are however required to believe in the hidden forces which, during the reiki attunements, immediately give the person being attuned amazing powers to be able to heal.  Nobody actually says who or what those forces are, it is hidden – which is why some people make the mistake of assuming that they must be to do with God. The devil is, unfortunately, very clever: he loves nothing better than to fool people into thinking that something is from God when it acually is not in any way from Him.

The really sad thing about the latest comment on this blog is the fact that the lady has obviously been very influenced by the many nuns and maybe some priests who have talked themselves into believing that reiki is okay (I myself have only heard, through this blog, of one priest who practises reiki, but no doubt there are more). I guess that, like the priest in my story, they just think that ‘anything to do with healing must be okay’ and do not go into it any further than that. One think is sure, any priest or nun who is dedicated to loyally following the teachings of their church would not take up reiki. No way is it in accordance with the teaching of the church! These people have a lot to answer for, because they hold a big responsibility in leading people like my commenter to follow their examples.



I believe that reiki is wrong…… not because some poor, misguided, religious despots have told me to believe that, but because of my family’s own experiences. My husband’s experience was very frightening for him, although I am sure many pro-reiki people reading about it would just say he was imagining it because he was afraid! My own experience though was of being calm, but having the whole ‘thing’ that was happening to me stopped, just because I said “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” quietly and calmly in my head. That is why I am convinced it is not right……

The recent commenter who accuses me of a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude is wrong. I have respect for most followers of reiki, as I am sure they genuinely believe it is right. How could I think otherwise, as I myself believed it was okay for a while, I myself went through the ‘attunements’?

I do not intend to continue to respond to pro-reiki comments on here. I am a simple housewife; I have no skills at all when it comes to arguing the finer theological points concerning reiki. All I wanted to do on here was to give my own story (which is exactly as it happened) and to list some sites which will hopefully impart more information to anyone inquiring about why reiki is wrong. I repeat that I believe that reiki is wrong because of my own experiences. My belief is sincere, but I do not wish to force my opinion on anybody else. You either believe my experiences, or believe that I have made it all up. If you want to participate in a more detailed argument about the rights and wrongs of reiki, please contact the owners of the sites in my ‘links’ list: hopefully, they will be able to argue their case far better than I ever could.

I leave you with a few final thoughts….. When somebody goes through those ‘attunements’ to become a reiki healer, a big change comes over them. They suddenly acquire some strange, magical ‘power’ that enables them to heal. If you are present at such a ceremony, you will no doubt see somebody having to run off and vomit, so big is the change that comes over them. Where does this ‘power’ come from? Throughout the bible, God generally makes it crystal clear that anything imparted from Him to a human is unmistakably from Him. With reiki, the ‘power’ is imparted by having some strange, secret symbols traced over the head of the person being ‘attuned’!

I myself do not pretend to be able to prove to anyone that reiki is wrong: but if there is any doubt at all about where the ‘power’ behind it comes from then I personally would prefer not to take the risk. Dabbling in stuff you do not understand can be extremely dangerous…….