This site is meant for Christians who are considering the pros and cons of reiki. I decided it was needed because there are appallingly few people in Christian churches who know anything at all about reiki, so can offer no advice of any kind. There are also very few websites expressing the view that reiki is not compatible with Christian beliefs, so Christians are getting a very one-sided view when trying to find out about reiki.

I have stated on more than one occasion here that my sole intention in making this site is to tell the true story of the personal reiki experiences of myself and my husband. Please read the story and then go away and make up your own minds about what happened to us. Apart from these experiences and the conclusions that we ourselves draw from them, I do not claim to be any kind of expert on reiki whatsoever. Please refer to the links on the right of this page for what I hope is a fairly comprehensive list of Christian sites which express the view that reiki is not compatible with Christianity: there are many people there who know so much more about reiki than I do.

I do not understand why so many pro-reiki people comment here and seem hell-bent on trying to make me believe that reiki is wonderful. Why does my site worry them so much? I am just a simple housewife! If you search the internet, you will easily find about a million pro-reiki sites: I am just one small voice in the wilderness, why worry about me? You can also find around another million sites which mock Christian beliefs, but they do not bother me and I do not go and seek them out and try to change their minds; I leave them to their beliefs (which they have a perfect right to hold). Please leave me alone in the same way.

If you desperately want to put your own pro-reiki views forward, then why not make your own website, just as I have done here?